Masquerade Parti!

To people who like to be recognized, celebrities seem to be fond of holding masked balls and mascara. Whether it's a dress party or the iconic elegance of such an event, the stars are masked and entertained by a mask in their breasts. The Kandiland Masquerade Ball at Plaiboi Mansion is an annual game where […]

5 ideas for a great prize card

If you are organizing a party or event and need to raise some money, a great way to do this is by offering raffle tickets. You will want things that people will want to buy tickets to help raise money. If you have a small budget, you can still provide desired items that people will […]

Planning a Party in Luau – Top 10 Places and Don's to Put Your Tropical Hawaiian Themed Party

Invite your guests to a luau themed party and they will automatically assume that it will be lively, memorable and fun. Don't disappoint them! Here are ten tropical celebration activities and planning that will guarantee that your event will delight your audience. 1. DO NOT create a Polynesian atmosphere with tiki torches, shells, raffia skirts […]

Hire a singer for fun and impress your guests

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a professional singer for a wedding, party or other upcoming event. Every year, millions of people include business owners, couples and others who organize the event and want it to be more than memorable. With every event, there are always different things that stand out and differentiate […]

Thinking about flying first class

First class flying reflections. "American Airlines, this is Candi, can I help you?" She sounded about twenty-five, refined and sweet, and she was overjoyed to be able to work at 10:30 pm on a Tuesday night, especially in an American Airlines & # 39; 1-800 number. Something that made me pretty positive, she wrote her […]

Pensacola Travel Guide in Florida

Located in northwest Florida, ten miles from the Alabama state line on its panhandle, Pensacola is rich in historic, military, and natural landmarks, all with aspects of the sun, sand, seafood, and Florida water. Pensacola: Although St. Augustine, on the east or Atlantic coast of Florida, is considered the oldest American city and took root […]

Engagement ring and Le Ann Rime wedding

At the ripe old age of 19, countryman Le Ann Rimes captured herself as a dancer for Dean Sheremat. However, unlike most 19-year-olds who get engaged, Le Ann got a huge rock. To be precise, a five-carat diamond on a pillow with vintage appeal. The future groom was not much older, at 21 years old. […]