5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most precious asset, so protecting it makes sense. As such, you can consider securing your homeowner an investment in protecting your financial future. Before you buy a premium-based policy, ask your insurance provider these five questions to make sure you get the coverage you need. # 1 – What is […]

Top 10 Sveet 16 Parti Must Haves

Sweet sixteen is a monumental step in the life of a young woman. Sveet 16 videography and Mtv have made sweet sixteen larger than life stacked up at top parties in some of the most amazing places. There is an incredible amount of pressure for a birthday girl to organize the best party of the […]

Sightseeing Gold on Vacation

We decided to travel rather than fly somewhere as security at airports is now a hassle, my wife hates boats so cruises are out, so the car was our chosen means of travel. We have a big luxury car and the fuel mileage is over 23 miles per gallon and is really comfortable on long […]

10 easy steps to epic fun

Have you ever had a party disaster that could have been prevented by a good plan? My question to you before we even begin this journey is: "can you afford to party in a place or just at home"? Is important. Much. I could tell you some terrible entertainment stories because of budget constraints. One […]

7 Tips for Planning a Successful Yacht Party!

Tip no. 1 Be strict with your visitors' visitors. Make it clear in the calls that RSVPs are being sought and not responded by the due date, so they are not "in". After receiving the required number of guests and confirming them, close your invitations. Don't confirm anyone else. As an organizer, you'll get the […]