Top 10 Sveet 16 Parti Must Haves

Sweet sixteen is a monumental step in the life of a young woman. Sveet 16 videography and Mtv have made sweet sixteen larger than life stacked up at top parties in some of the most amazing places. There is an incredible amount of pressure for a birthday girl to organize the best party of the year. There are certain elements that throw in an amazing birthday. Below you will find 10 sweet sixteen parti.

1.] Cute 16 Videography – Ever since Mtv showed off her super sweet sixteen ", sweet sixteen videography has become a must-have for your princess. Nothing will make her feel more like a movie star than more cameras Following her around, the story of her a day from preparation, coming to a party, dancing with friends, talking family, cutting cakes and opening presents will stay forever for you in the family. Plus, when you share this cinema masterpiece on Facebook, IouTube, Instagram and Twitter, it will be guaranteed increase its popularity throughout the sh col.

2.] Live Recording Performer Performance – This is a great way to really draw in masses of people. Get a popular recording artist to perform at a sweet sixteen party. This is one of the ultimate sweet sixteen gift ideas. This party must have high school students who will talk for days, even years.

3.] DJ- Since there are no sweet sixteen, having the best DJ around is crucial for a great cast. This is the best way to have fun and keep the kids dancing all day / night. Dj & # 39; s are known today as nightclub superstars. Get a popular or local DJ to spin and the princess will thank you for years to come.

4.] Theme – it's so important to organize a themed sweet sixteen party. The theme can range from hipster, red carpet, ballroom, black tie and many more. If the theme doesn't make the party look disorganized. It's actually fantastic to see all the kids get involved and have fun with the themed function.

5.] Delicious foods that grow in children will always be hungry, especially by dancing and burning those calories. There is nothing worse than going to a party and eating bad food. Be sure to hire an appropriate catering company or professional chef to feed the guests. Have a wide variety of foods that can be served by servers at the beginning of a party. It is mandatory that the main course is salad, pasta, meat and fish. We can't forget the cake, make sure it's a stunning 3-ply layered cake that will really amaze the guest and throw some sparks into it for the final. This is sure to make a statement.

6.] Grand Entri – You know what they say about being late to fashion. Let your princess seduce in a vintage Bentlei or Range Rover Limo to plead for her grand entry. If you really want to push the limits even with a helicopter flying, it would be a jaw dropper. Make sure the DJ spins your choice of extravaganza tracks, and key entertainment people are introduced to the style.

7.] Fun – Proper fun is key to organizing real fun. Get professional dancers to make a statement. Have some games like dancing and gifts to keep your kids entertained all night long.

8.] Venue – It's so important to be a captivating place for your little girl. The venue can range from Grand Hotel, Breathtaking Banquet Halls, Rooftops Lounge and Nightclubs. Whichever place you choose, be sure to decorate up to nine. This will increase the visual quality of the space by tenfold.

9.] Gift – Yes, Mom and Dad's party is great, but the most important is a major birthday gift. Give your princess a beautiful gift such as a car, iPad or personalized jewelry.

10] Safety – Let's face it, the kids will be kids. Every great party has a bit of drama, party collisions and sloppy behavior. Make a statement with confidence to keep your party in check and cool. It will make the event seem larger than life with a few backward men keeping everything under control.

Be sure to treat your girlfriend the fun she has always dreamed of. Sweet Sixteen is a monumental milestone and should not be forgotten. Capture this most amazing event with sweet 16 videography so that every breathtaking moment can be remembered all your life. Follow these 10 fun must-have parties and your princess will talk about school for years to come.