High School Reunion Ideas – 10 Steps to a Fun and Unforgettable Event

Planning a high school reunion? Here are some ideas for getting together that will help you plan the perfect get-together, whether you are setting up a night of fun or a full week of adventures.

Class reunions are really exciting events. You need to meet schoolmates you may not have seen in years, as many of them have moved from their old neighborhood to different cities, districts, or states. Some of them may have even moved out of the country after they graduated.

You may have lost touch with many old-school classmates, even if it's only been ten years since you graduated. Many alumni can only see their old comrades on reunion, so planning one that will ensure that these alumni keep coming back requires some good advanced planning.

So where to start? Well, here are some planning ideas to help you, starting with how to find all those former classmates now that you've been dating for a while.

  1. Find some former classmates to help plan your reunion. Planning takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be grueling, especially if you can find and "hire" some help from your old friends. And with today's technology, not only can you find a lot of old classmates, for example, through social networking sites like Facebook, MiSpace and Classmates.com. And with the help of Facebook and free websites, you can even plan a lot online. After finding a few enthusiastic classmates with good ideas for getting together, start assigning tasks such as …
    • finding these elusive classmates and getting emails and physical addresses for invitations.
    • that someone is looking for a place big enough that you don't have to worry about the size of your guest list later.
    • planning entertainment formats like music, games, etc.
    • making name tags for the class. This might be helpful if people changed as they got older.
    • menu planning, keeping in mind that you will need a really great variety to house different diets like gluten or diabetics. You want everyone to have some nice choices for their meals.
    • high school reunion ideas for decorations. This can be in the form of banners, posters, streamers, balloons, table decorations, etc. You might even decide to center it around a topic like the year you graduated high school.
  2. Location! Location! Location! Choosing a reunion venue is extremely important for several reasons:
    • Your former classmates may need to travel longer to find a place that is close to hotel accommodation for friends.
    • Size matters when it comes to planning your high school reunion venue, especially if you have had a high school diploma and have managed to attend most. And if they bring your spouse, significant other, partner, or whatever you have, that's twice the size of your class, so you need to make sure that the room or space is large enough to comfortably accommodate the amount of people you expect to attend.
    • Price plays a role in the chosen place. You don't want to appreciate anyone for attending, so ideas about reuniting your high school to choose a location would definitely involve buying prices for the best value. For example, if you find a hotel with nice rooms often used for wedding receptions, it may give you a discount if you book it early or give group discounts if Ks amount of guests book a room for the night at the same time.
  3. Plan months – if not years – in advance. Think you need to notify your wedding guests? The exact "rules" apply to a high school reunion. So, one of the ideas for high school reunion is to make an effort to set a date far enough for long distance classmates to plan their schedule accordingly. Some may need time to rest, hire sisters, board pets, and save money on travel. High school reunion invitations should be fun and – well – enticing. Add a list of all the classmates you have invited, and if you have their permission, add their emails as well. Add a list of alumni that you have not been able to find through normal channels and ask those invited to come back to you if they know where to find any of the missing.
  4. Use social networking sites like Facebook groups to help classmates prepare for their upcoming reunion and help find long-lost high school friends. You can even set up a free website or forum to get the ball, and ask prospective students for more high school reunion ideas.
  5. Ask for donations. Planning a reunion in high school can prove quite expensive, probably almost as much as a wedding reception when you really think about it. But don't get frustrated when you're looking for your former classmates for a little cash to do what needs to be done to keep the meeting going again. One of the most useful ideas for a high school reunion to help bring down the upfront costs is to provide reunion "on call only" and to sell tickets much earlier. These funds can be used to pay for decorations, caterers, place deposits, entertainment and services or gift bags for guests.
  6. Hire a photographer. You want lots of pictures of your old school colleagues and even a new portrait in class to commemorate this event. To cut costs here, contact your high school or college faculty to see if any of the students in photography classes would like to earn something. You will get really good photos and help another student in the process.
  7. Take out the red carpet. As well as celebrity entrances, let your guests enter the red carpet with a photographer as they take pictures as they enter.
  8. Play music from the year you graduated. There are several ways to do this. When you check out photographers in your high school or community college, ask about music students or groups of students who have a band that would be interested in playing on reunion. Alternatively, if you have a local rock school, these kids would love the opportunity to showcase their talents at an event like a high school reunion. My nephew attends rock school in Ecton, PA, and we've been to a few of their garage band concerts and these kids have talent!
  9. Create name tags for your former classmates. This will come in handy for those people who don't really look like they did in high school.
  10. Gift bags or gift bags. High school reunion ideas require creativity and nostalgia, while being both practical and fun. As with any entertainment benefit, you can put together edible services, helpful services, funny or ridiculous services, or things that remind you of the year you graduate.

Custom laminated bookmarks make for great convenience as you can create them with different quotes for each one. Your classmates can exchange and exchange them for their favorite quotes and photos. Marker quotes can be found anywhere, and some suggestions are lyrics from the best songs during the high school era and quotes from the back of the yearbook. Add magnets to the back of the marker. Magnets are always a useful and fun convenience for any party. In fact, you can even use our laminate bookmarks to save date notifications to your classmates and let them "date" on their calendars and view invitations that will arrive by mail.

I hope that these high school reunion ideas will help you plan for a high school reunion that all your classmates will love and look forward to for years to come.