10 easy steps to epic fun

Have you ever had a party disaster that could have been prevented by a good plan? My question to you before we even begin this journey is: "can you afford to party in a place or just at home"? Is important. Much. I could tell you some terrible entertainment stories because of budget constraints. One party I attended ended early, no one wanted to stay because there was no food. The same goes with cheap buffets, some people would rather go on a trip down the street than eat crappy sandwiches and mini rolls tossed on a plate with foil, and some won't go back if the beer is really not good. I've seen horrible places with sticky floors and disgusting bathrooms, sometimes the fun might be fine, but if the place you choose is just awful, people will remember it more. And what about the day when all the entertainment vendors showed up to the closed spot and on call and asked why they found out they didn’t have a booking record.

Don't let these shameful things happen to you. If you are having a party, it must be epic, even having fun in your home should be memorable for all the right reasons. Have a great plan, these 10 simple steps will see you well on your way to epic fun.

The first 3 steps are the most important components of your party and perform these steps before doing anything else. These top three are party producers and breakers, the most important ticket items your party should have and if you have budget constraints, these 3 are the only things you need.

1. Select a date.

Start planning a party at least 3 months in advance, 9 if you are really organized. Jobs are cheaper on weekdays, Sundays – Thursdays. Friday and Saturday are weekends and "fun" and can be more expensive. Consider bank holidays a great date for parties, a Sunday night that means no work on Monday is an idea. Keep that in mind in the next step.

2. Select the venue.

For fun, birthday, anniversary, etc. Choose a place like your home, pub, social club or study room, for festive occasions you can choose a hotel, park or house with properties. After booking, pay your deposit and get the reservation in writing, it should be a contract, but at the very least a confirmation email with your deposit confirmation, which you can print as proof.

Do not; Book a place without a preview.

Do not; Make more plans for parties until you have your place booked in writing.

To do; Keep an eye out for a free lounge when you buy their buffet. Remember the tasty sandwiches and mini rolls thrown at the foil plate … avoid at all costs! The only time to take this into consideration is if you checked the reviews and hygiene ratings, if everything is fine and everything looks great, then book it, it could be a good deal.

To do; Choose where the content you need is located. E.g. is there a bar, wheelchair access, stairs, toilets, a place to set up a DJ? Smoking area, tables, chairs, dining tables, etc.

To do; Check for some space; Does the bathroom need an air freshener, liquid soap, flowers? If the stage looks bleak, put a glittering banner on it. When the lights are off, these things will look fine with these helpful tips.

To do; Name your place with your name and reservation date and request access time from vendors servicing your party until 1-2 weeks prior. This is also a great way to talk to your place and re-confirm your reservation.

3. Select a caterer

Many people make the mistake of booking food for their party, you could really be disappointed. A caterer is one of the first 3 steps after booking your spot. Have you ever been to a party without food? When people drink, they want food, even if it's just a burger. I've been to parties where snacks and cakes are served, that's fine for a teen party, but not if adults are invited, people will go out early looking for food, you don't want that to happen. Consider the budget, guests and food you like. Choosing a buffet should be fun, choose the best for your food taste and budget. Get menus from several caterers and compare. Make sure your caterer is fully registered, insured, licensed and has good hygiene. As soon as you find out which caterer you want to work for you, book them, make a deposit to save the date in their journal a.s.a.p. You don’t need a guest number or even your menu finalized to secure your date in the caterer’s diary. Make sure you get your booking confirmation and / or your deposit confirmation.

To do; Hire a caterer. Catering is a lot of work and hard work for those who do not do it regularly. You don't want to be enchanted by your entertainment, you should enjoy the fun and the guests, not that. Everyone remembers the food and therefore makes it memorable, but it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, there are great caterers out there who, with a few flowers, will provide burgers and wedges, and your guests will be impressed.

To do; Find out if you have any guests who have allergies or have nutritional needs like vegetarian, gluten free, etc., and tell your caterer.

Steps That Make A Cute Fun Party!

4. Cake

If you need cake for the event, book it next. I hope I'm not going to surprise you by saying this, but they don't have all the best bakery front shops in your village or town, some of the most amazing cakes I've ever had are from bakers who have their own home kitchen in their bakery. I know and have used them quite a bit and have never been disappointed check Facebook for home bakers, check their portfolio, hygiene rating, reviews and book that cake.

5. Fun

Do you have a DJ or live band? A clown or a castle? Soloist or string quartet? Whatever you decide, do your homework, look at profiles and reviews. A great place to get free offers is FREEINDEKS, they are the king of comparison shopping when buying services. I always have 5 quotes on FREEINDEKS that I can compare with each other. On other well-known websites, you can get vendor quotes from collecting exempted supplier prices just to answer you, and so they are not good if you want to compare prices, you are unlikely to get more than 1 or 2.

6. City overflow

When guests enter your party, the wow factor immediately drives them into the atmosphere created by your fiance. So, what do you want your room to look like? what do you want? Something as simple as colorful balloons? Something more romantic like flowers and candles? Or you want to come out with chair covers and sequins, high candelabras, or even trees with lamps tied in them. Whatever you want, the place keeper has the kind of longest dreams and are great people who will bounce back from creative ideas.

7. Invitations

Party invitations should be sent 8 – 6 weeks before the event date and your R.S.V.P. the date should be at least 10 days before the party, you will find that your caterer will need the final numbers 7 – 5 days before the event date, and when you lock the number of guests your caterer will not be able to reduce your number just increase them.

You don’t need these but epic parties!

8. Free drink

Whether you put beer or wine behind the guest bar and distribute drink vouchers in invitations or have a glass for everyone. Your guests appreciate being your first drink for the whole juice party. If at least your place doesn't make arrival cocktails like a bubble or mimosa, then call your caterer to do it. If your restaurant does not have a bar or if you have fun in the garden, you can hire at least some independent company or caterer.

9. Parti Favorites

In my time I came across numerous party amenities, from love heart rolls, lottery tickets, chocolate covered bags, popcorn bags, sweet carts, cupcakes, cigars, luxury chocolates, the list goes on and on. Although party favors are not important and you don't need them, your guests appreciate them especially when it's a little weird. Candy cookies may be a more expensive choice for a fun party, but people love it. A chocolate fountain is also a very welcome idea.

10. Event photographers / Photo booth

A great way to keep your memories of the fun. People love them and post them all over social media, turning your beloved party into an epic event in the lives of those who attended. Remember to tell everyone your hashtag for your party, put a sign on the bar so everyone can see your pictures from everyone else in the same place, online. # stephsgreatparti # johnis21 etc.