Best American Travel States – California, Colorado, and Tennessee!

Millions of Americans are planning a summer vacation this year, but the economic situation has forced travelers to seek a vacation that is both exciting and easy on the wallet. One way to achieve this is to plan a road trip that will have low but visually useful scenic rides to an area with a good network of local attractions. Traveling to these landscapes and attractive concentrated spaces will reduce your travel, lodging and food costs by tying your meter for fun and excitement for less total travel days. There are three U.S. states that stand out from the crowd for their ability to provide travelers with beauty and amenities – Colorado, California and Tennessee.

It's no secret that many consider California to be a top vacation state, as it brings together an almost endless array of tourist attractions that are strewn across what is widely regarded as one of the most desirable in the US. No matter your age or your interests, there are attractions that will satisfy just about everyone. Traditional amusement parks abound in this country, including Disneiland, Sea World and Lego Land, as well as a Hollywood movie theme focused on Universal Studios Theme Park. If there are no caterpillars and large crowds on your wish list, there are more eclectic attractions, such as Villiam Hurst Castle, Alcatraz Prison, and Carmel Mission.

Adults will especially enjoy the Napa and Sonoma Valley wineries, the cosmopolitan Mecca of San Francisco, as well as the shops and restaurants at Monterey's Cannery. If natural beauty is high on your list, beautiful coastal scenery is available along the entire Pacific coast of California from many free public beaches. For a unique coastal experience, take a boat ride to Catalina Island just off the LA shores. Or if you want to see the wide diversity of the California coast, start south near San Diego or LA and head north. You will start with the tame sandy beaches of Southern California and culminate in dramatic rocky shores that point to Northern California. As you travel this coast, you will travel the potentially most famous scenic drive in the world – Highway 1 Along the California coast. When you're done touring the ocean scenery, head inland and venture into the Redvood Forest, or the Tahoe Lake Alpine Mountains, or the famous waterfall collection at the incredible Iosemite National Park. The list and opportunities go on and on at The Golden State.

If you are looking for a vacation to give you cherished memories of the mountains, Colorado is the ideal choice. The host is an expansive section of American Rocks; about half of the country is mountainous. And it is blessed with a particularly inspiring tract of Rocky Mountains as many of its peaks extend past the acclaimed 14,000-foot altitude … "quadrupeds," as hikers call it, an elite group of peaks located in just four U.S. states – Alaska, California , Colorado and Washington. And if you use the number "quadrupeds" as an objective way of measuring the mountain state's level of "mountain majesty," Colorado is the king of the down, as it is home to 54 American of the 88 peaks rising over this milestone.

In the winter months you can travel the mountainous areas and go world-class Rocki Mountain National Park, see the picturesque topography of the Royal Gorge, become part of a club of hikers who have climbed the famous Pikes Peak, try your hand (and paddle) on white water rafting, enjoy the mountain world class cycling, travel the mountains in a vintage steam locomotive and the list goes on and on. In the winter months, of course, you can enjoy the best downhill skiing in the world, as well as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and even vintage sledding … with the help of a cable car. back to the top. There is no shortage of opportunities in the Hundred Years State, and if you are looking for a state with a good mix of stunning scenic travel options, coupled with a robust selection of tourist attractions, Colorado should rank high on your list of candidate countries.

And lastly, the American state east of the Mississippi River, which has the most to offer travelers looking for a smorgasbord of scenic miles as well as a number of interesting attractions, is Tennessee. The dominant scenic feature of Tennessee is the magnificent Appalachian Range that characterizes the eastern part of the state. Within this area you can visit the jewel of the US National Park – Great Smoki Mountains National Park. This state-of-the-art U.S. National Park covers over 500,000 acres of pristine Appalachia mountainous land and offers all the benefits of a top-shelf national park, including camping, hiking, horseback riding, nature workshops, and a wonderful collection of roads through the mountain valleys. as well as over the top of high-growing fruiting tips. If you want more outdoors, you can also find rugged white water rafting areas, ATVs for horseback riding in Tennessee, and of course hunting and fishing spots.

In addition to rural mountainous areas, the state also hosts some cities that are popular with many tourists. Nashville Tennessee is known as Music Citi and has a large collection of museums and cultural centers as well as the scene of a healthy nightlife. Gatlinburg Tennessee tourist magnet is located near Knokville Tennessee, conveniently located near the entrance to Great Smokei Mountain National Park. This city is full of gills with things to do and see for both children and adults. Attractions like the 400 Mountain Mall, live entertainment, and everyone's favorite kids like miniature golf, stroller trails, arcades, bungee jumping and water parks. In addition, it has a very robust network of accommodations ranging from traditional large corporate hotels, smaller moms and pop motels, bed and breakfasts, and a variety of artesian lodges modeled on ski mountain homes, Indian teenage girls and quaint cottages. No doubt, in the eastern half of the US, Tennessee, like its many mountain peaks, rises above the crowd in vacation and travel options.