7 Tips for Planning a Successful Yacht Party!

Tip no. 1 Be strict with your visitors' visitors.

Make it clear in the calls that RSVPs are being sought and not responded by the due date, so they are not "in". After receiving the required number of guests and confirming them, close your invitations. Don't confirm anyone else. As an organizer, you'll get the usual "Can I still come?" routine and your tendency is to please your guests, but when you organize a yacht party – you just can't.

Unlike hotel accommodation – there is simply no “space”.

Tip no. 2 Before you settle in, go to Iacht Hopping

Just like you would “visit a venue” when organizing an event. If you are organizing a yacht event, you have to do it, except doing this on the water! Know your guests – are they comfortable with each other? Will she enjoy "squeezing" or will she love a little big space? What types of activities will you organize on yachts? Would you like to cruise? What are their charter fees? All of this will help you decide which yacht you will eventually choose.

Tip no. 3 know what you get with your rental fees

Really inspect yachts for space constraints, what they let you do or don't do on yachts, and what goes with the rental fees, e.g. Some yachts come with a fully equipped kitchen and some do not. Some yachts do not include a generator while cruising – so there is no electricity and you may need to carry your own battery operated equipment when cruising.

Some yachts do not allow you to bring food or may charge you for boarding. Some yachts have a barbecue pit and some do not. So get to know the details and really know what you get with charter fees so that there are no surprises later.

Tip no. 4 Provide enough food for your guests!

When arranging a yacht party, make sure you order or stock up on enough food and drink for your guests. Remember, once you set sail, there is no way to get supplies! Some yachts provide the full dining experience with a chef on board, so you don't have to worry about food shortages – you just pay for them :]

However, if you do get your caterer, make sure you plan your meals well. If you plan to barbecue on board, ensure that all your meat and seafood is marinated in advance. It's good to hire someone to barbecue for you when your guests are having fun! Invite light snacks or finger foods as an appetizer before sailing and eating foods as basic as rice, pasta, baked potatoes – trust me, get hungry quickly when you're cruising outside :]

Tip no. 5 Have Music, Travel!

Not all yachts are equipped with fantastic sound systems or tube music. So you may need to bring your boom box or ipod with speakers and a good music collection. It's nice when music is playing in the background when your guests are on a yacht. In this way, ensure that good music guides the environment on the yacht. Or if you have a big budget – hire live jazz musicians to play on a yacht!

Tip no. 6 Be clear with your itinerary

When you rent a yacht, it gives you at least 4 hours of charter, depending on the yacht rental company. Talk to a yacht representative about what you can do within 4 hours. When organizing a yacht party, you can do many things – there is a dinner cruise – you can catch a music fountain or songs from the sea and fireworks at Sentosa from the high seas. Or you can choose to cruise the southern seas, where they can take you to a barbecue on one of the islands. Or you can just have fun on a yacht on a berth and not on a cruise. Whatever you choose, be clear about the plans so that they can make arrangements with the skipper or yacht captain before your event.

Tip no. 7 be ready for anything!

When organizing any event, contingency plans are the norm. The same goes for organizing a yacht party. For example, some of your guests may be prone to seasickness – yes! that's what happens. So make sure you have seafood pills – or alert guests in advance before boarding. Be prepared for wet weather – in case the rain falls, the skipper may decide not to cruise because the water is shallow, so make sure that even if the yacht lands on the berth, the yacht is large enough and guests will still have a good time at yachts with good food and good music. Make sure you have ice boxes filled with ice, in case the fridge does not work during the cruise and you still need to refrigerate your drinks. Or there may be a power outage when you have a night cruise – so get those torches and spare batteries ready! In short – be prepared for anything :]

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