Unique Party Door Reward Ideas

Door prizes are an amazing way to encourage party guests to buy tickets. These awards come in many shapes and sizes. It can be something small and personal or something more expensive.

Choosing or making door prizes could be a difficult task. You would love to discover something unique and memorable, but you have doubts about the appropriateness of the idea of ​​your rewards.

Here are some door prize suggestions to choose from. It really depends on your intention and the price of the tickets sold during the party.

What is a door prize?

Before we begin, we should provide a clear definition of the term “door prizes”. What exactly is it?

A door prize is something that guests get in return for buying lottery tickets. The prize can be won by the one who buys the most tickets or the winners can be selected by the end of the party – someone will simply draw tickets and give away the winning numbers.

Such activities are appropriate when raising funds for a charity or during a baby shower, for example, when the expectant mother will have to buy many items. Guests may also be asked to bring something to get lottery tickets – a diaper pack is a common baby shower product.

The door prize should match the ticket price

The door prizes you choose should match the amount each individual has spent to buy a ticket. Expensive tickets will require significant rewards. It can be technology, gadgets or travel. Small amounts will require only small personal gifts. You can make it yourself.

Gift basket

Gift baskets are a wonderful prize idea. You can put almost anything in the gift basket. Choose items and accessories that match the type of entertainment and guest preferences.

Gift baskets may contain homemade cosmetic products. The fact that you made it yourself will make it even more special. Have fun choosing and creating items with a gift basket.

Gift certificates

If you are unsure of the preference of the lottery participants, you may receive gift certificates.

Gift certificates are one of the best door prize options, as they give winners the chance to choose the most appropriate prizes themselves. Such rewards will be appropriate if you are unfamiliar with the people who attend your party. Get gift certificates from several popular stores and distribute them as raffle prizes.

Travels and Vacations

Everyone loves to travel. If the ticket prize is relatively high, you may consider choosing more expensive prizes.

A weekend trip is the perfect opportunity. You will need to speak with the hotel and book a travel voucher as a reward at the door. Make sure the hotel is flexible when it comes to choosing a date. Your guests should have several choices.

You can find a prize for any type of door. People like to receive awards. Choose items that will be fun, cute or worthwhile. Your decision should be based on your knowledge of the guests and their preferences.