Mascara Balls – How To Throw A Glow!

Whether you are throwing a little birthday mascara or a big mascara ball, many of these tips will come in handy.

First off, a little history about the Maskuerade Ball:

Carnivals of such gatherings and festivities came from the fifteenth century with ever-increasing demand, processions and victorious processions that celebrated marriages and many other special occasions of late medieval court life.

Masquerade balls were then extended to public ceremonies in Italy during the sixteenth century, and were costumed with desirable make up and intricate dances. Mascara was usually held for upper classes and was very popular in Venice. They are related to the Venetian carnival tradition. During the eighteenth century, the use of traditional masks gradually declined until they disappeared completely.

Mascara mascara is to hide your true identity, like playing games, not only has it disguised you, created a real mystery and given more imagination, but you can discover your true identity at the end of the ball, giving guests something to look forward to and talk about. to that.

Masquerade balls, as I said before, died really around the eighteenth century, but today they have again become a popular form of entertainment, modern and exciting, which is great for a party full of mystery and fun.

One of the phrases often used on mascara invitations is: "Choose a mask and wear it well, so it's your true identity, no one can say."
This is a great phrase and very popular on the call to help your guests understand the brief meaning of wearing a mask and stir up some excitement.

Mascara party invitations are quite difficult to find, but there are many websites that allow you to download party invitations for free where you are able to adapt to your style. Alternatives to Parti Masquerade make personalized invitations to Masquerade Ball with envelopes, where you can write the names of your guests for free.

Choose a venue if you are not already, from a home party to a large ballroom or hotel reception, there should be plenty of open spaces for dancing as it is a tradition at the ball.
Whether you are dancing to jazz, classical, folk or pop, be sure to include themed decorations that match your chosen musical style.

Choosing a mask is very important for a big event, usually if you have a very detailed costume, balloon dress, etc., it helps that the mask is very simple and simple, maybe with just a few matching feathers for more elegance, but if you are usually wearing them, more complex mask is more appropriate, feathers, sequins, glossy details, etc. Whether on a stick or with elastic or headband for comfort.

The most important thing is to find a theme for your masquerade party before anything else. Popular topics are mardi gras, venetian, gothic, medieval and there are many more. Once you choose a theme, your costume and mask becomes easier.

Then you can choose a color theme, many mascara balls use dark colors or very bright and cheerful colors (like Mardi Gras)
Metal tones are also popular and easily recognizable to your guests, there is usually a wide variety of decorations available for the Mardi Gras or Metallic theme as well, including table skirts, giant props, ceiling and wall decorations, cardboard cutouts, fused figures like mimesis and jigs, etc., and some of the most beautiful masks I've seen are available in many metallic colors.

The decorations for the themes are easy to find on the web and not too expensive, you can paste the scenery all over your place and completely transform your event, and give a traditional wedding theme, ball, mardi gras theme and many more. Easily paste and add props over scene sets and add hanging decorations and maybe even giant props depending on your budget.

The food should be kept as a buffet, a finger buffet with only small food is usually best, as guests wear masks and find it difficult to eat large portions.

Some large balls, if greeted by someone on arrival, such as snake hinges, Fiji players or waiters, could also be adapted for smaller parties.
String quartets are very popular for great entertainment as jugglers and even magicians reach for guest tables. Again, smaller parties could adapt these traditions to a lesser extent.

The game of trying to determine the real identities of the guests was also very popular, adding a humorous effect to many masks and allowing a more comfortable version of a typical ball. That is why it is often a good idea to make the same effect and maybe at the end of the evening offer a reward for the best dressed or even the best dress up !!