Party Decorations – How to Avoid Common Mistakes, Part II

In "Editing a Fun: How to Avoid Common Mistakes: Part I", we discussed some choices you can consider to enhance the look of your party (such as colors, room size, ceiling height). This time, let's talk about some technical details of party decorations and what you can do about them.

1. Production time.

You should be aware when your room becomes available for your party. Many times it is only two hours in advance. Make sure you inform your decorator at the beginning of the interview. That doesn't mean you can't use wide balloon decorations! But that needs to be taken into account. There are several ways to handle this:

a) Sometimes the place where you rent a room (whether it is a hotel or a community) can provide the back room to create party decorations, and then it only takes two hours to complete the installation.

b) With the help of your decorator, you can choose decorations for fast-paced parties that still look stunning.
c) The decorator may receive extra help but may also charge you extra due to time constraints.

d) The decorator can rent a truck and bring parts and pearls that are quickly assembled on site. It could also cost more, as this is a time constraint on your location.

2. Ceiling sensors.

Some places have sensors on the ceiling, so if the balloon goes up, an alarm sounds and a fire truck appears 20 seconds later. Expensive for the owner and can be for you.

Don't panic! You can still use balloons. Almost any party decorations that can be made with helium-filled balloons (the type that flies) can be made using air-filled balloons on the frame and need not be anywhere near the ceiling.

3. Do it the day before.
If for some reason you have to do balloon decorations the day before, keep in mind that regular (11 "round) balloons filled with helium will be half an hour dead by morning and on the floor by mid-day.

If you only need simple balloon bouquets, you can ask the decorator to use a tall float. This substance prevents balloons from blowing again. If you have more elaborate party decorations, use air filled balloons instead, as I noted in the previous point.

4. Transparent balloons.
Just keep in mind that they look great at first, especially if you have bright balloons, but in a few hours they will be less transparent, somehow dimmed and will become more opaque as the party goes on.

5. Balloon of light.

This is a very effective technique for low light parties !!! For regular daylight or daylight hours, they are barely noticeable. If this is the case, much stronger lights should be used with larger balloons, pool lights, and so on.

6. Fundamentals.

The basics for the centerpieces, as well as the floral rainbows and low centerpieces, are sometimes an art creation as well as a noticeable part of the budget for decorating your parties.

One thing though: they sit on a table with food. In some cases, the caterer places so many plates on the table; the food is so colorful and plentiful that the bases are lost. In fact, the smaller the base, the easier the caterer and less on the way for guests and food.

So, when planning to spend money on balloon basics or other centerpieces – talk to your caterer first.

7. Balloon ceiling (balloons with ribbon on the ceiling)

Things to keep in mind:

a) If the ceiling is a rough surface, many will jump out during production and much more during the party.

c) One balloon occupies less than square meter. So, if you are in a large room, you will need a considerable budget to fully cover the ceiling. If you do, it will work, though I would check the alternatives for the money. If you only partially cover the ceiling, the air conditioner or fan will inflate the balloons and rub them against the ceiling. In most cases, it will kill a large part of them.

8. Balloon drops

Perfect party room decorations. That is, a room with a very high ceiling and a relatively small floor area. Then the balloons on the way down "have time" to fly in all directions and cover everyone in the room.

We will be lucky in a regular sized room if we can cover the dance floor. Plus (and this is a matter of personal opinion) a hammock full of balloons does very little for decorations as well as letting everyone know what's coming. On the other hand, if one does not look in the right direction the moment the balloons are released, they can miss the whole thing.

One solution to these problems is the so-called "explosive balloon", also known as "pop-up balloons."

Relax! No real explosives used! It’s all a big balloon (three feet or larger), filled with smaller balloons and sometimes confetti (check your contract with the venue !!! Maybe it’s a big “NO-NO”) or even a lottery win. One or more of these balloons are mounted on the ceiling and when the time comes, they all pop out with the push of a button.

You can distribute these balloons all over the room if you want to cover them all, or you can use them in a strategic location if you like. No more heavy hammocks and no one can guess what's coming!

It should be noted here that these balloons can be assembled to make a wall and then the whole wall explodes … Let's talk about it next time.