Tough party favors and party ideas

Being a staple diet of TV and movie comedies and endless in popularity among students on both sides of the Atlantic, Togo's party continues to fascinate as much as it does today when we were all younger!

Choose this theme for your next clothing party and you can translate guests into a time of general decadence and excess – especially with parties in ancient Rome and Greece. We didn’t dwell too long on what was going on at these parties so it could be said that they probably all had a great time and didn’t remember the next day or week! Now you don't need to duplicate everything they did to have a great time, so let's concentrate on what we have to do to make a great party out of Togo.

For great fun, you need to make sure you have the right theme and the right context. The hosts of really great parties carefully considered the needs of their guests. This means considering what age groups they will attend and what they like and dislike – most of the people you invite should be your friends and you should know roughly how they will respond to different scenarios.

For example, if it's adult entertainment, there's simply no Togo Parti, but if you want the real thrill, why introduce another factor and base it around the world-famous Caeser Palace Hotel in Las Vegas? This would allow you to turn your party around once again as it could also include a modern casino feel combined with that costume.

The best parties need the best invitations. Why? Well, that's where the fun starts. We were all given a party invitation on a piece of plain paper containing the simplest of details or worse that we were invited to a party with a few words. Okay, I'll let it work and people will attend, but it will never excite anyone, it will never build a sense of anticipation. To start the excitement from the earliest stage, you need to think a little more imaginatively.

If you are holding a Roman or Greek rigid party, you can use a laurel wreath based on your invitation or write the invitation text on vein sheets or on a special card (luggage labels work well) with which you can age tea and coffee stains before binds to the wreath. If desired, simply soak these cards or paper in the tea solution until the desired color is reached and while it is still moist / moist, sprinkle a few grains of coffee on which will melt into patches of darker color. Allow to dry completely before use.

Alternatively, if you can get some small little jars, you can write your invitation on the card, consider it, and give it to your guest to open a surprise. If you have decided on the theme of Caeser Palace, you can use any images or symbolism for that matter. It's attention to detail and showing the guest that you really care about all the details.

No matter what interpretation you put on your Toga themed party, your heart and soul will be a fancy dress costume. You can refer to the rule that if your guests do not wear a costume in a rigid, then they will not be allowed to enter. If you are going this route, you need to state it on the invitation and it is a little sharp on it, it would be better to have a small stock of white boards, safety pins, simple rope belts and a few laurel headheads to ensure everyone is on.

If you want to make your simple rigid, this is just a piece of cloth or cloth, and the easiest solution is to use a plain white or slightly white blanket. Don't take one with elastic angles unless you want to spend hours trying to turn them into pockets! Wrap the cloth around 1.5 times and throw the rest over your shoulder. It is common to wrap it at waist height for both genders and create excess throw over your shoulders for a modest point. Some may want to wrap themselves in chest height first!

There are some fantastic bargains at affordable prices that you can buy at your local costume shop or at one of the many trusted artificial clothing stores that can be found on the Internet. Most will have a wide selection of costumes, and should have a range of finishing prices that should include, knee-length sandals for men and women, usually brown or gold, laurel veneer caps in green or gold, Roman or Greek costume jewelry and belts.

The decoration of your party room will depend on the actual theme you choose, but for a simple party with that, you have to try to recreate the ancient Greek or Roman setting. Some rental companies will have everything you need from exterior lanterns to imitation poles and busts on plinths. If you can't find it, why not print some busts and columns and tap them against the wall. A solid wreath made of vine leaves and Roman numerals and cutouts of Greek letters from your computer will also look effective and give you good wall coverage.

Other decorative pieces for finishing would be terracotta pots and urns with plenty of grapes and vine leaves, and you could easily opt for candles instead of electric light. For inspiration on other decorative pieces for your party, you can visit the library or watch National Lampoons Animal House and pick up some alternative ideas.