Finishing apartments and condos tubs saves money in remodeling the bathroom

Setting up an apartment and a Condos tub saves homeowners money in remodeling the bathroom. Remodeling is a top priority for property owners looking to upgrade their apartments and condos to attract high-end, quality tenants. Where do these quality tenants come from? Because of the housing market mess, many homes and apartments are now in the rental market.

Many of these homeowners and condo owners who have lost their property or cannot sell it quickly decide to rent. These renters are aggressively ceded by landlords across the country. As there are a limited number of "quality" tenants from top professionals who prefer to drown while waiting for the housing market to improve, many property owners are upgrading their properties to attract this new tenant segment.

This is why renters across the country invest money and time to renovate their properties. In fact, a survey by the National Association of Independent Renters, out of its 476 members, found that more than 52% of its members were renovating vacant properties. The areas of the home that are significant to these renters trying to attract are quality baths and kitchens. "Unfortunately, it is difficult to get apartments and home loans for home remodeling in a tight and slow housing market that is beginning to show signs of stability.

Therefore, renters use the tub renovation to save up to 80% of the cost of replacing the tub during the renovation of their bathroom and kitchen. Gloomy, dirty and & # 39; or cracked bathroom surfaces can be repaired and repainted. The beauty of the whole process is that the refinement of the tub takes place in the bathroom with a minimum rent break and ends in 4 to 6 hours. The tubs can be used 24 hours later. It costs between $ 395 and $ 595. They usually come with a standard five year warranty against peeling.

On the other hand, replacing the tub can take 7 to 10 days. Although the cost of a new tub can be around $ 300, replacing the tub costs up to $ 2000. Why the cost of replacing the tub? Remember that the tubs are framed during construction because they are cumbersome. To replace the bathtub, demolition must be used, the walls are broken, the plumbing is broken, the tiles are compromised. So, when a plumber, tile installer, and tub installer is placed, the cost of replacing the tub increases quite quickly.

What surfaces can be refinished?
Annoying, worn, shredded or cracked kitchen and bathroom surfaces can be repaired and refined. Some landlords are getting bathroom and kitchen areas again. Whether it is porcelain, Formica, Corian, fiberglass and cultured marble, most professional refining companies can save you up to 80% on replacement costs. The refinement of the tub can be used to add a new look to the bathroom or to change the surface colors completely.

If you are seriously considering upgrading your rental property to attract the quality renters or maintain the renters you have, then call your friendly tub refurbishment company today.