Masquerade Parti!

To people who like to be recognized, celebrities seem to be fond of holding masked balls and mascara.

Whether it's a dress party or the iconic elegance of such an event, the stars are masked and entertained by a mask in their breasts.

The Kandiland Masquerade Ball at Plaiboi Mansion is an annual game where guests and celebrities dress up and enjoy an extravagant and decadent night at Hugh Heffner's famous home. The 2010 party was organized by the Karma Foundation and held with the assistance of the SPCA of Nevada (the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The dress code for the Plaiboi party is slightly different from the average Hollywood black masked ball, with ladies encouraged to match their masks with sexy lingerie. Men had to wear black masks.

The exclusive event was open to "hand-picked ladies" and 600 tickets were made available to members of the public. Luxury cuisine, a night bar and top DJs such as Paul Oakenfeld were there to provide extra entertainment for guests if glamorous Plaiboi girls and body-colored models and dancers were not enough!

Another fan of the masked ball is perennial Hollywood party, Paris Hilton. Paris has hosted many masquerade parties for her phenomenal friends. To celebrate the launch of her reality show, "Mi Nev BFF," where contestants competed to become Paris Hilton's new best friend, she held a gorgeous black tie in a mask at the Hollywood Hotel Kress. Paris looked every inch in a black and lace tutu-style dress with a matching mask. Guests of the exclusive affair were a family of Paris magnates and contestants competing for her affection.

Similarly uploaded socialist Kim Kardashian masquerades as her best friend, Jonathan Cheban's birthday party, at the Los Angeles Guys. She wore a striking gold mask adorned with long event feathers, with a revealing Greek-style gold dress. Kim posted photos of herself and her friends enjoying a party on her blog, but it's hard to see the celebrities behind the masks!

In New York, celebrity mask balls are just as popular, as MTV kept a massive New Year's Eve masked studio in its studio at Times Skuare, with fun celebrities and musical performances by some of the biggest winners of the piece.