5 ideas for a great prize card

If you are organizing a party or event and need to raise some money, a great way to do this is by offering raffle tickets. You will want things that people will want to buy tickets to help raise money. If you have a small budget, you can still provide desired items that people will be willing to schedule for tickets. Here are 5 great ideas for a raffle prize card.

– Ticket Cards: Everyone loves a movie and a family night out with soda, popcorn and sweets. However, budgeting can be quite expensive. This is a great raffle prize. Pack tickets, food and drinks together for a family of four and you have a great prize package.

– Ham or turkey: Hosting a party at the holidays, a large ham or turkey is the perfect prize for a draw. Roasted ham or turkey will serve many people and help with the meals of your large family. You do not have to prepare main meat there is enough reason to enter a raffle prize to see if you can win a big meat prize.

– Electronics – iPod / Nook / Kindle: The electronics are small, portable and easy to use. By adding an iPod or other MP3 or e-reader like Nook or Kindle, you will get people to buy tickets for a useful, necessary item. As a special incentive, you can add some books or music to your device before tearing it down. In any case, tickets will surely fly by with this prize offer.

– Visa / AmEk Gift Card: Who doesn't love cash? Throwing a gift card in a raffle guarantees instant interest. Tickets can be used anywhere for anything. The winner can use it for groceries or gasoline or for travel. They can also turn around and give it away as a gift. Next is the best thing to monetize.

– Weekend departure: This is a great raffle prize. If you are affiliated with a hotel or spa, see if you can get time donated. Most would love to take a weekend break to a ski resort or spa hotel or to a simple resort. Add a food pack and you'll have one amazing draw for you.

Bingo cards are one of the simplest and most popular games for events and parties, including birthdays, competitions and even wedding displays. So, the next time you make a party or event, think of these reward card ideas.