Planning a Party in Luau – Top 10 Places and Don's to Put Your Tropical Hawaiian Themed Party

Invite your guests to a luau themed party and they will automatically assume that it will be lively, memorable and fun. Don't disappoint them! Here are ten tropical celebration activities and planning that will guarantee that your event will delight your audience.

1. DO NOT create a Polynesian atmosphere with tiki torches, shells, raffia skirts around tables, flowers and palm trees (real, imitation or inflatable). You can use items you may already have, such as beach umbrellas, surfboards and a children's ice-filled swimming pool. Then browse the entertainment stores for more tropical decorative touches.

2. But don't go crazy trying to make it authentic. After all, you are not orchestrating a real luau for a large island hotel. You do not have to hire Hawaiian fire dancers or have a pig roast to make for great fun.

3. Remember to let your guests know that they need to wear luau-themed clothing. You can suggest Hawaiian T-shirts, sunglasses, shorts, straw hats and even swimwear if it's a pool party.

4. Just prepare a few extra Hawaiian T-shirts for guests who couldn't find a tropical suit. You can get them at stores like Valmart at the end of the season for just a few dollars or you can try a thrift store.

5. Greet your guests with flower favors. When you welcome your loo in this way, it sets the mood for all the fun. You don't have to spend a lot of money buying fresh wreaths imported from the island. Beautiful imitations of silk flowers are available. Even a cheap plastic variety would be acceptable for a casual event. You would also like to have some husks or kukui nuts for men who would rather not carry flowers. Of course, the guest of honor should be singled out wearing one that is different from the rest.

6. DO also provide real or artificial flowers for the guests of women to wear in their hair Here is the Hawaiian tradition. If you are in a relationship, put a flower behind your left ear, which is closest to your heart. If available, the flower should be placed behind your right ear.

7. DON spends a lot of money on Hawaiian background music CDs. First, check the public library. They have a wide range of music available to borrow for anyone with a library card.

8. DO include some tropical-themed activities. Provide hula classes and you'll have lots of laughs. You can find an instructional video or an actual teacher's insights.

Give your guests a printed tag with a name translated into Hawaiian. There are many websites with this information. Encourage everyone to refer to Polynesian names.

You can play saber leis. At the beginning of the party, announce that there is a word that is taboo. Think of a common word that people are likely to glide over and say, such as plates, ice, music, drinks, etc. Whenever someone makes a mistake when he utters that word, he has to hand his lee to the guest he was talking to. . The one with the most garlands at the end of the party wins the prize.

9. I don’t find you have to limit the menu to roast pork and poi. You can serve a pup of Polynesian-inspired dishes. As for the main course, how about chicken teriyaki, coconut shrimp, sweet and sour pork or ham and pineapple kebabs? Provide plenty of tropical fruit. And if you're in an adventurous mood, you might want to try making a volcanic eruption cake.

10. DO NOT consider sending your guests home with Hawaiian luau theme services. Cancel the party with little memories to thank each person for sharing this special occasion. It will be a nice reminder to them of all the fun.

Hawaiian luau themed entertainment is easy to put together and extremely entertaining. Just follow these tips to create a festive, tropical celebration. It only takes a little effort, but the memories will last a lifetime.