Top 3 factors that determine the success of your office Christmas party

An office Christmas party can be an event you remember and talk about the rest of the year, or another office party you forget about as soon as you get in the car, or it can be a major disaster that leaves everyone unhappy. What it turned out to be is largely in the hands of the party organizers.

The task is daunting and it is important to get all the elements right. Each party needs the following 3 main areas to achieve great success – an interesting place, good food and drink and great fun.

You need to know your budget before embarking on a silly party. Given your budget, choose the right place. It can be your office if the gathering is small or the lawn outside if the weather in your neighborhood is not too cold or humid. Or you can choose a local hotel or resort if spouses and children are involved. Make sure the place meets all safety and other regulations, is suitable for children and spouses, and has plenty of space to accommodate the anticipated crowd and has plenty of facilities to cope with each.

Then consider food and drink for your party. You can order all the food from the catering service or buy it at your local supermarket or encourage each member to bring a meal if you want to cut costs. You can have a theme-based menu that all members can contribute. If children are going to be part of the gathering, you will need food that will suit their taste. Order the right alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to make your party a great success.

Fun is a big part of any office party. Be as creative as you want and work with your budget constraint and try to make it suitable for all the people who attend your office Christmas party.