Engagement ring and Le Ann Rime wedding

At the ripe old age of 19, countryman Le Ann Rimes captured herself as a dancer for Dean
Sheremat. However, unlike most 19-year-olds who get engaged, Le Ann got a huge rock. To be precise, a five-carat diamond on a pillow with vintage appeal. The future groom was not much older, at 21 years old. Prior to this engagement, the young beauty was engaged to actor Andrew Keegan.

150 guests were invited to witness the exchange of vows in February 2002. The traditional ceremony was held at Perkins Chapel at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and included a string quartet. The Grammy winner was dressed in a Vera Wang strapless dress. A picture of her late grandfather was allegedly nailed to a garter.

The reception was held at the Four Seasons Hotel. Dinner included sushi appetizers, beef casserole and pasta. The cake, it is said, stood out: A five-foot white chocolate and strawberry wedding cake is decorated with thirty-five dozen roses ….. it & # 39; there are more roses than I have in my entire wedding.

A very special moment was when Le Ann and her father shared a father-daughter dance. The two were previously involved in a bitter lawsuit in which Le Ann claimed her father stole $ 7 million in earnings over a 5-year period.

Recalling their wedding, Dean talks about how fast it looked like Le Ann was coming down the driveway. Maybe she's in a hurry to try her new last name … Mrs. Le Ann Sheremat. The couple described the day as very emotional filled with both laughter and tears. Now married for three years, the couple has been working on their marriage holding interesting things, bringing humor into their daily lives and embarking on trips.

The couple currently live in Nashville, Tennessee, and everything seems to be going well for the talented couple. The couple recently took their second honeymoon to Los Cabos, Mexico, while staying at the Las Ventanas luxury resort.