Finishing a leg bath with antique nails saves you money

Antique Nail Foot Bath Finishing is unique in restoring the beauty of old, dirty and rusty cast iron porcelain tubs. Finishing your foot tub with old claws is in style because it is an inexpensive way to make a bath look like new. Many residential and commercial clients are attracted to the soaking depth. These bath tubs were originally made for soaking and that’s why people in these busy times want to relax in them. These tubs are deeper than the new tubs made today. Recognizing the uniqueness of antique foot baths, many are convinced that after many years of use, antique foot baths lose their charm, shine and age.

Claw Trap Cleaning – What You Get:

Bathtub regulation is used to revive these beauties that are generally worshiped in any remodeled bathroom. Most of the common tubs we finish are made by American Standard, Crane, Mott and Kohler. So, there are many types of these tubs that need to be refined. Over the years cracks in porcelain tubes, stains and nodules begin to show. These tubs usually have surface scratches in porcelain, making the inside of the porcelain dull.

Finishing the antique tubs, the bath looks new to the interior and exterior, eliminating stains, bumps and cracks in the porcelain tub. Our refined process repairs damage to the porcelain tub. The inside of the tub is filled, sanded, etched, sanded and re-etched. The exterior is sandblasted to the original cast iron and then primed and painted. When will it look smooth again and brand new.

Benefits of treating claws with claws:

One of the benefits of refining is the choice of colors. You can enhance these beauties with any color scheme. Another advantage that is often overlooked is environmental protection. By refining, many saved landfills that quickly filled up with old tubs. One of the problems they encounter after doing footwork with the claws of the foot is missing parts. We'll help you find antique play taps, handles, drains, and other accessories that enhance the beauty and functionality of your refined antique foot claw.

Whether you have antique sinks, sinks on farmhouses, all can be regulated. Save money, time and enjoy the environmental benefits of refining. Save money by renovating your antique tub today!