Tub Cleaning Vapor – How to Protect Yourself

Bathtub refinement is increasingly used by hotels, apartment complexes and homeowners because of falling housing units, falling mortgages, and the overall depressed and depressed economy as a way to save money in bathroom renovations. Another interest in re-glazing is fueled by informed masses who have shown a lasting interest in "greening" their homes, especially for their energy efficiency. Consumers are looking for ways to save money and the environment and that's what rebuilds the bathtub – it provides savings of up to 80% on replacement, saving landfills.

But unlike other services like carpet cleaning, plumbing, pest control, etc., where consumers know what to expect from their service provider, the business of re-glazing the tub is unknown to many. And because of this lack of knowledge, many do not know what the process involves, what to expect and what the end result will be. Here is the process of finishing the tub briefly: When it is cleaned, completely cured, cleaned, primed and coated.

The equipment used is a turbine, a sprayer and a large fan. Protective equipment is similar to what you will see in mold repair or asbestos removal. If the smoke coming out of the bathroom is not healthy for the purifier in the bathroom, do you think it is safe for you, your pets, and especially the younger and older ones in the house?

Many tub cleaning companies will tell you that they use a proprietary coating that they have formulated for themselves and for them. Ask for their holy MSDS. It contained enough toxic materials for their technicians to adjust as if they were cleaning a room full of asbestos. Water-based coatings get better, but the water condenses in the bathroom and tub. Imagine. Each etching product contains some level of acid. VOC concentration is high. Unfortunately, from the largest tub cleaning companies to a small city tub cleaning company using exhaust fans to get rid of fumes and their odor. They leave a lot of toxic smoke and odors that linger for days.

Are there air purifiers that can suck up those fumes and odors and keep the environment?
These portable systems operate in a fully enclosed bathroom. They are quiet, so guests and occupants are sleeping while the glass is working in the next room. In fact, some companies use hospital air cleaners while re-glazing the tub because of the importance of these companies for the health of their customers and the impact of their work on the environment. These portable units are in re-glazed bathrooms.

All the fumes and smells are trapped and there are no lumps or cables coming out of the bathroom as a safety risk. The technology is here. The next time you call your friendly tub cleaning company, ask them how it will reduce the smell and smoke. If they continue to use old technology with its environmental impact this century, it is not your company. Ask questions, protect your health and the guests of your hotels and apartment tenants.

The slow economy is forcing hotels and retail chains to find creative ways to save money and the environment while remodeling their bathrooms. Many are concerned about the effects of over-spray on guests and their health, the noise generated by the old-fashioned bathtub purification system, the environmental impact of old technology. Ask questions and lots of questions before hiring your next friendly bathtub cleaning company.