Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Save the Date Cards – Top Do's and Don's

The ceremony of a bar mitvah or bat mitva should be shared with friends and loved ones. Since your son or daughter grew up in the Jewish faith and you are planning to celebrate this rite of passage, you might want to consider sending ready date cards. These announcements can give your guests advanced information that they need to clear their schedule and arrange travel. So what do you need to know about bar mitzvah save the date date? Here are the above dos and don’ts

To do send your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah save the date cards at least four months to a year in advance. Simply put, people have a busy schedule. They plan much earlier, schedule vacations, business trips and family commitments. You want to make sure your guests know about your kid's meeting before making other plans. It is also a kindness to people out of town, so they have plenty of time to get organized for budget airline tickets and hotel rooms.

To do In your bar mitzvah save the date cards, enter the important terms "save the date" and "call to follow". Whether you're making your cards or ordering them from a professional, it's important to note that these are not invitations. Date cards for picking mitzvahs are a relatively new innovation, so it may be that some of your recipients may not understand the purpose of the card, unless you understand.

Do not put t add RSVP to your date cards or attach a response card. This can really confuse people. You just want to alert them to the date of the bar mitzvah ceremony and celebration or bar mitzvah celebration, so they have time to plan ahead. No answer needed.

To do include your child's website address in the bar mitzvah on your date recording cards, if any. You can update the website with travel and hotel details as well as plans you make for this great event. If you don't have a website, you can always print a list of hotels in your area, with their 800 numbers, and load it into the envelopes for your city guests.

Do not put t forget to send a formal invitation to every last person who has received one of your bar mitzvah save date cards. You do not need to send a date recording card to anyone you call again. But if you send it, you must accompany it with an official invitation. If you are not sure that someone will make the final guest list, do not send them a date storage card.

To do consider the mitzvah photo bar save the date cards. The latest trend is to put a photo of your baby on the card. You might want to use more photos of your son or daughter at different ages. This is a fun way to give your guests an insight into how your child has grown!

To do send a mithwa bat or bar mitzvah save the date cards that will stand out. Shop around until you find a design that reflects your child's personality. Whether you go with your own handmade creation, an in-store card, or professionally made postcards, magnets, or photo cards, the goal is to get your potential guest’s attention.

In this hectic society, it is a nice gesture to alert your friends and loved ones to this upcoming event. It shows their busy lifestyle and allows them to plan ahead. As a result, those who get your bar mitzvah save the date cards are likely to reach out to the calendar and save that special date.