Party planning for classes

Much of the success of a reunion depends on how well the departing class is prepared before graduation. If the lecture records are well documented, the reunion invitations come out more evenly. If the pictures from the class are well preserved, then the presentation of the photos can be more easily prepared for re-betting. When a conscientious class president is selected, it is likely that class maintenance will be planned and hosted.

The time to prepare for the perfect class convocation is before graduation. If, like many of us, such ducks were not in sequence, we would find that organizing a simple class reunion is a real pain in the head. Unfortunately, the task of finding the people the class has lost contact with is the most problematic. When families move out of the area, this task can be nearly impossible.

There are several online resources that can assist in this effort. Just try to enter the names of the graduates in the search engine. Often addresses and phone numbers are easily accessible. Sometimes email addresses can also be found on the Internet.

When trying to gather information to complete information about graduation classes, prepare a questionnaire. This is best by email, but regular mail will work well enough. When enough questionnaires are returned, arrange the information in a readable format with the photos that are made available.

Hiring a hall and hiring a caterer may be the toughest tasks to plan for a reunion, but there may be others. In some affluent areas, class reunion organizers may be expected to arrange a block of out-of-town guest rooms. This helps as hotels are quickly booked in many areas. It is possible to rent hotels & # 39; conference or entertainment facilities and extend room discounts to high school students.