Ethereum (ETH) has been driven by a recent surge in aggressive cryptographic markets and has been able to expand its momentum despite the fact that Bitcoin has erased much of its recent earnings overnight.

This bandwidth enabled ETH to decisively drop over $ 200, which is likely to prove to be the main support level in the near future, and any continued speed on altcoinds is likely to allow Ethereum to make significant further gains in the coming days and weeks.

Ethereum will take the previous $ 200 as a Bulls Roar
At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading above 5% at its current price of $ 201, a significant increase from the weekly low of $ 180.

This upward momentum was first triggered earlier this month when the ETH fell to $ 170, subject to strong buybacks, allowing cryptocurrencies to begin its uptrend, which has since risen to $ 200.
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Does ETH continue to move higher?
Analysts predict that Ethereum will rise in the near future as the trading room, a popular crypto-analytics group on Twitter, explains that ETH is likely to be between $ 209 and $ 219.

In the short term, it is likely that Ethereum will continue to gain momentum as it has grown amid growing pressure on Bitcoin, which has begun to decline its dominance in the cryptographic markets as altcoins begin to move forward.

BigCheds, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, said in a recent tweet that ETH is currently well above its 200-day moving average of $ 200 in the low region, which may be where the cryptographer finds some resistance, slowing current growth.


Know more about choosing a venue for a corporate event feature

Corporate culture is a testament to the growing concern for the gradual introduction of strategies and relationships with staff to encourage employees. With that in mind, every corporate event, function and party is organized every month or at the end of the year. In addition, great entertainment needs the perfect place to make a great impression on employees.
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These corporate events have become an extraordinary source of motivation and a unique way to thank and value hardworking employees. Therefore, choosing the perfect venue for corporate events is very important.
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To learn more about great corporate function locations, consider some great ideas and great ideas where you can conjure up a fun mood.

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One important factor to consider when organizing a corporate event is location. The place should be easily accessible to all invited persons. Events that take place at large hotels or resorts require that guest bookings be delivered in advance. It is important that each invitee arrives at the scene on time.
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The company should, if possible, arrange location-related transportation so that even working women can come and enjoy it. You can also organize fun parties and hip shows as they go out for features in big or big places. Hotels and resorts often turn out to be the perfect option because they provide accommodation, which is helpful if foreign delegates attend your party.
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Moreover, reputable and trusted places help to build the image of the organization. Whether it is a recognition party, an awards ceremony or an annual party, choosing the right venue is essential.
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Famous and large venues remain reserved throughout the year. Therefore, reservations should be made in advance to avoid any inconvenience. In addition, be sure to book some extra rooms for guests and guests to take a break. As hotels and restaurants are marked, it is pointless to worry about them.
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Select a theme

You can classify parties according to invitees and guests. Arrange for absolute and unlimited loss for party staff only. Organize committee meetings and formal conferences for vital delegates in highly sophisticated spaces. Moreover, your foreign delegate could not be more appropriate than meeting golf.
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Here are some tips you can use to make your business a success:

Setting a budget

While planning corporate events, you need to work your budget carefully. In addition, you must ensure that you have extra money for contingencies. Most times, your budget goes well beyond what you estimated.
Send a call early

Always remember to send guest invitations a few weeks before the actual event. Be sure to ask your guests at RSVP to know the number of people attending the event.
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Keep additional copies of the call

It is important to keep additional copies of the contract, agreement or list in case they are lost or lost.
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Therefore, the next time you have to select corporate event features, venue venues take into account all of the above factors.


Estimate the return on investment when adding a spa to a hotel

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the idea of ​​adding a spa to an existing hotel and how to determine if it is a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution and every property and market is unique.
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Many things need to be considered before a glaze decision is made. First, it is important to identify the reasons why you want to build a spa. Then you need to evaluate your market, competition, current financial data and projections to determine whether or not a spa is for your property.
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Working with a spa and / or hotel consultant is an important step that you need to take to analyze sustainability, assist in the decision-making process and design details, but this article will at least give you an insight into how to evaluate the feasibility of adding a spa to your hotel. This article will look at the reasons why the hotel added a spa and financial assistance.
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First it is important to start by understanding a few things about the spa industry. In the 2010 Diagonal Report on the US spa market, the size of the spa market in 2009 was an industry worth $ 15.5 billion. According to a 2010 ISPA industry report, spa consumers made 143 million visits to 20,600 spas across the United States.
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Although these numbers show a decrease from the previous year (in both reports with contradictory data), we must remember that 2009 was very different from today. With the economy stabilizing and consumers becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of receiving spa treatments, only that number is expected to grow. Diagonal reports point out that the spa industry will start to grow by 1.5% in 2011, which is higher than most by some 15% or more.
The spa industry has experienced exponential growth since 1999, when there were only 4,140 spa companies serving $ 4.2 billion and expanding to 4.2 million visits. If we link the spa market to the leisure industry, it ranks fourth behind golf, health and racquet and cruise clubs.
The reason I mention this is because the trends in the spa world are to create synergy with other leisure industries like the ones mentioned above, which means that spas also make up a small percentage of this industry’s revenue. It’s a trend that will only continue and club and hotel owners are noticing it all.
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It is also important that you profile your clients to make sure your client’s demographics match those of the spa. This information also varies with age, for example, some spa consumers are interested in alternative healing, some in fitness and education and some in relaxation alone.
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As you can see, there is much to consider to determine what your spa will look like and it is important to find a consultant who understands your guest and what he or she wants. The spa designed for business travelers is very different from the one designed for the vacation of young professionals, babe boomers and families (and yes, there is a market for emerging family spas).
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That said, according to a 2011 Coile Hospitaliti Consumer Priority Study, relaxation and stress management are still a major reason why consumers visit spas. And what is the basic reason for people to rest? Now you can see the connection between the spa and the hotel which is nothing new. Bottom spas, spas remain a luxury as well as a holiday, and the two go hand in hand with each other. Now on to the thing.
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According to the July issue of Hotel Management, 2,951 new hotels and 354,100 new rooms are being built in the second quarter. While there is no data available that I could find, I would assume that at least 70% of 4-star or better projects will have thermals. Why? That’s a really simple answer when you look at the reason why hotels are building spas.
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You probably already know the lack of a hotel without a spa, which is why you’re reading this. Let’s identify the benefits and why adding a spa would make sense. The most notable drawback is that you are probably losing market share from your competitors who already have a spa and are probably discounting your rooms in an attempt to attract some of that market share.
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While you can make the argument that not every person booking a hotel wants spa treatment, you also need to understand that there is a large population that does. Even if your guests are not interested in massage or facials, they can still enjoy the spa using non-treatments such as sauna, steam rooms and pool.
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This is also a great advantage that hotel spas have over freestanding or day spas. Traditionally, the spa industry in the area has been referred to as a “non-revenue-generating area” because it is considered part of the convenience of guests receiving treatment. The same goes for hotels, but to improve your revPOR, you can charge your guests for using only wet areas, in some cases, $ 75 per day.
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Other reasons why a hotel would like to add a spa other than gain market share or prevent it from losing to spa hotels include the following. First, you can increase your ADR because of the extra “extras” that will improve your revPAR and your revPOR.
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Another wonderful benefit of adding a spa hotel to your hotel is that you can start attracting a local and loyal customer and increase sales and package deals. It also allows you to continue to earn revenue in the low season. This makes the potential of health resort revenue almost limitless with a good marketing strategy in the receptive market. So if you have been keeping up, you are gaining market share, retaining guests, increasing your occupancy rate, increasing your ADR by sometimes as much as 10% and increasing your local business. Looks like you’re already making progress, right? On the surface, it certainly makes sense, but there are many things to consider and evaluate. You have to do a feasibility study, a competitive analysis and a few to consider, and then consider finer details such as what the spa should be like, what topic, what treatments, what products, etc. While these things are just as important and will determine the spa and the success or failure of the company, the goal of this article is to discuss the benefit and impact of adding a spa and how it may affect your last line.

Hotel owners often look at the spa as a unit to determine if it is a worthwhile or not or a sustainable investment. While it may seem to make sense, it is not always best to decide whether to add a spa. Where the spa fits in with your income statement also depends on how you structure the spa management (tenant, hotel owned and operated, hotel owned but operated by a management company, etc.) The spas are extremely hard working and you need to work hard to developed a steady stream of clients. Most spas, according to a recent report published by STR Global, operate with 33% use of treatment rooms. There are many fixed labor costs, but in most spa compensation models they generate an incredible amount of variable labor costs. Because of this, COGS are very high and profit rates very low. Another thing to keep in mind when a spa is that treatment rooms can be occupied multiple times a day, unlike a hotel room that can only be occupied once a day. This is also important to consider when determining the size of your spa. There are also a myriad of reimbursement models and cost structures to evaluate which will be the most profitable for your business. This is why applying for a health resort becomes very challenging and sensitive. The point is that freestanding spas, in most cases, are not a particularly attractive investment unless they serve a unique and attentive niche, such as a health or specialized resort. Vellness Capital Management’s Monte Zvang reported to Pro Knovledge Netvork at the Nashville Dai Spa Association that the average day spa has a net gain of only 4 to 15%.

Because of these few topics, you need to look differently at a hotel spa to determine its value. This is best illustrated by the example. Suppose a hotel decides to build a moderately luxurious 6,000 square foot spa costing $ 2,000,000. The spa’s feasibility study forecasts will generate an additional $ 1,200,000 as a department. After unallocated operating costs, the revenue for the spa is approximately $ 240,000. This obviously looks like your ROI will be a long time coming. But let’s look at it a different way.

Suppose in the same example, a hotel has 300 keys with an ADR of $ 150.00 and operates at a 70% occupancy rate resulting in a revPAR of $ 64,695 and a revPOR of $ 253, including additional departmental revenue. Its total revenue is $ 19,408,623, its net operating income of 6,573,664 feasibility studies predict that by adding a spa, occupancy will increase by 5.7% and the hotel can increase its ADR by 10%. As hotel occupancy will increase, similar increases in other departments’ revenue may also be expected. With this forecast and the addition of additional revenue generated by the new spa department, room revenue will increase 16.29% ($ 1,872,450) and total revenue will increase 22.47% ($ 4,360,834) before the department and retained operating expenses. Net operating income improved 19.11% ($ 1,256,328). By analyzing the addition of a spa this way, you can see that the ROI is much higher and is happening faster than if you just had to estimate the ROI using a 20 percent spa profit ($ 240,000) Include that in your capitalization rate and you can see how much value your property has grown. For simplicity, see the summary below.

Total income: no spa – $ 19,408,628; With Spa – $ 23,769,456; Increase – $ 4,360,834 (22.47%)

NOI: No Spa – $ 6,573,664; With Spa – $ 7,829,992; Increase – $ 1,256,328 (19.11)

Net Profit: No Spa – $ 4,351,377; With Spa – $ 5,153,389; Increase – $ 802,012 (18.43%)

RevPAR: No Spa – $ 64,695; From the Spa – $ 79,232; Increase – $ 14,537 (22.47%)

RevPOR: No Spa – $ 253; From the spa – $ 293; Increase – $ 40 (15.81%)

Occupancy: No spa – 70%; With Spa – 74%

Average daily price: no spa – $ 150; With Spa – $ 165

Some of you may think this is too good to be true and you may be right. These projections are based on a market feasibility study that made sense to add to the spa. Not all spas can project $ 1,200,000 in revenue and not all hotels can get away with increasing ADR, and the cost of each hotel is different. You need to relate this example to your situation. Having said that, let’s look at another example. If the same assets did not increase ADR but improve their occupancy, they would increase their net operating income by $ 561,397 and improve their net profit by 7.9%, still making the investment attractive. On the other hand, if the spa does not make money ($ 0 in revenue) and you do not increase ADR, NOI declines by 3.1% and net profit decreases by 7.4%, which after spending $ 2,000,000, which would not be best situation given the opportunity cost of the investment. Another thing to look at is that the spa is not making money ($ 0 in revenue) and you can at least increase your average daily rate and occupancy, NOI is improving 7% and net profit is 3% which is still increasing, but consider investing. It would take 15 years to make any return. The challenge is that this does not require any expertise to understand that if you do not make money in the spa, you are still spending. Then you can explore either renting space, doing a joint venture or working with a management company that shares revenue but absorbs the costs of doing business.

I hope this did not confuse you and remember that this idea only applies to your situation and costs, and especially to your market and consumers. It doesn’t work for everyone and if proper feasibility, structuring, budgeting and projections are crucial. This has not been reviewed by any financial gurus or accountants, this is simply the way I invest in a hotel to make my recommendations.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most precious asset, so protecting it makes sense. As such, you can consider securing your homeowner an investment in protecting your financial future. Before you buy a premium-based policy, ask your insurance provider these five questions to make sure you get the coverage you need.

# 1 – What is (and is not) covered by policy?

The most important part of your home insurance is the policy itself. What exactly will it cover? What happens if your lawn mower is stolen from the garage? Will you get the full purchase value or will you get depreciated value? If you accidentally injure someone outside your home, will that be covered by your policy? Finding out exactly what your policy covers will help you decide how much and what type of insurance you buy.

# 2 – How much cover do I need?

An insurance agent will often ask you to list your property. This is called home inventory and can greatly assist you in the event of a disaster, fire or even robbery. The best rule of thumb is to evaluate all your assets and then buy an insurance policy with a cover that exceeds this amount. It will also help you decide if you should buy any rider, which is an addition to your policy that protects unusual items like very expensive jewelry or expensive paintings.

# 3 – How much will it cost to renovate my home?

Part of your insurance policy will be directed to your actual apartment or any damage that may occur to the structure of your home. Keep in mind that since real estate prices are very often – and often significantly – they want to make sure that you are buying a policy that covers the cost of renovating a home, not one that only covers the purchase price.

# 4 – What types of claims were once in my home?

Learning about and understanding the types of claims in the past may have helped you decide what type of coverage you currently need. For example, if your home is in a flood state and has succumbed once or twice in the past, you will want to purchase separate flood insurance. Along those lines, if severe storms have been problematic in the past, then they are likely to be problematic in the future as well.

# 5 – What happens when something happens?

Lastly, it’s important to find out what to expect when it comes time to apply. Will you be able to speak directly with your local agent? Will they come and assess the damage immediately or will you have to wait a few days? Will the company accommodate the family at the hotel until repairs are completed? Understanding things like this will not only help you make better choices about your policy, but will also give you some peace of mind.

When you get all these questions answered, then you have the information you need to make a wise decision. Make sure you understand what is and what is not covered, how the insurance company values ​​your home and how it will treat you when you need to file.

Top 10 Sveet 16 Parti Must Haves

Sweet sixteen is a monumental step in the life of a young woman. Sveet 16 videography and Mtv have made sweet sixteen larger than life stacked up at top parties in some of the most amazing places. There is an incredible amount of pressure for a birthday girl to organize the best party of the year. There are certain elements that throw in an amazing birthday. Below you will find 10 sweet sixteen parti.

1.] Cute 16 Videography – Ever since Mtv showed off her super sweet sixteen ", sweet sixteen videography has become a must-have for your princess. Nothing will make her feel more like a movie star than more cameras Following her around, the story of her a day from preparation, coming to a party, dancing with friends, talking family, cutting cakes and opening presents will stay forever for you in the family. Plus, when you share this cinema masterpiece on Facebook, IouTube, Instagram and Twitter, it will be guaranteed increase its popularity throughout the sh col.

2.] Live Recording Performer Performance – This is a great way to really draw in masses of people. Get a popular recording artist to perform at a sweet sixteen party. This is one of the ultimate sweet sixteen gift ideas. This party must have high school students who will talk for days, even years.

3.] DJ- Since there are no sweet sixteen, having the best DJ around is crucial for a great cast. This is the best way to have fun and keep the kids dancing all day / night. Dj & # 39; s are known today as nightclub superstars. Get a popular or local DJ to spin and the princess will thank you for years to come.

4.] Theme – it's so important to organize a themed sweet sixteen party. The theme can range from hipster, red carpet, ballroom, black tie and many more. If the theme doesn't make the party look disorganized. It's actually fantastic to see all the kids get involved and have fun with the themed function.

5.] Delicious foods that grow in children will always be hungry, especially by dancing and burning those calories. There is nothing worse than going to a party and eating bad food. Be sure to hire an appropriate catering company or professional chef to feed the guests. Have a wide variety of foods that can be served by servers at the beginning of a party. It is mandatory that the main course is salad, pasta, meat and fish. We can't forget the cake, make sure it's a stunning 3-ply layered cake that will really amaze the guest and throw some sparks into it for the final. This is sure to make a statement.

6.] Grand Entri – You know what they say about being late to fashion. Let your princess seduce in a vintage Bentlei or Range Rover Limo to plead for her grand entry. If you really want to push the limits even with a helicopter flying, it would be a jaw dropper. Make sure the DJ spins your choice of extravaganza tracks, and key entertainment people are introduced to the style.

7.] Fun – Proper fun is key to organizing real fun. Get professional dancers to make a statement. Have some games like dancing and gifts to keep your kids entertained all night long.

8.] Venue – It's so important to be a captivating place for your little girl. The venue can range from Grand Hotel, Breathtaking Banquet Halls, Rooftops Lounge and Nightclubs. Whichever place you choose, be sure to decorate up to nine. This will increase the visual quality of the space by tenfold.

9.] Gift – Yes, Mom and Dad's party is great, but the most important is a major birthday gift. Give your princess a beautiful gift such as a car, iPad or personalized jewelry.

10] Safety – Let's face it, the kids will be kids. Every great party has a bit of drama, party collisions and sloppy behavior. Make a statement with confidence to keep your party in check and cool. It will make the event seem larger than life with a few backward men keeping everything under control.

Be sure to treat your girlfriend the fun she has always dreamed of. Sweet Sixteen is a monumental milestone and should not be forgotten. Capture this most amazing event with sweet 16 videography so that every breathtaking moment can be remembered all your life. Follow these 10 fun must-have parties and your princess will talk about school for years to come.

High School Reunion Ideas – 10 Steps to a Fun and Unforgettable Event

Planning a high school reunion? Here are some ideas for getting together that will help you plan the perfect get-together, whether you are setting up a night of fun or a full week of adventures.

Class reunions are really exciting events. You need to meet schoolmates you may not have seen in years, as many of them have moved from their old neighborhood to different cities, districts, or states. Some of them may have even moved out of the country after they graduated.

You may have lost touch with many old-school classmates, even if it's only been ten years since you graduated. Many alumni can only see their old comrades on reunion, so planning one that will ensure that these alumni keep coming back requires some good advanced planning.

So where to start? Well, here are some planning ideas to help you, starting with how to find all those former classmates now that you've been dating for a while.

  1. Find some former classmates to help plan your reunion. Planning takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be grueling, especially if you can find and "hire" some help from your old friends. And with today's technology, not only can you find a lot of old classmates, for example, through social networking sites like Facebook, MiSpace and Classmates.com. And with the help of Facebook and free websites, you can even plan a lot online. After finding a few enthusiastic classmates with good ideas for getting together, start assigning tasks such as …
    • finding these elusive classmates and getting emails and physical addresses for invitations.
    • that someone is looking for a place big enough that you don't have to worry about the size of your guest list later.
    • planning entertainment formats like music, games, etc.
    • making name tags for the class. This might be helpful if people changed as they got older.
    • menu planning, keeping in mind that you will need a really great variety to house different diets like gluten or diabetics. You want everyone to have some nice choices for their meals.
    • high school reunion ideas for decorations. This can be in the form of banners, posters, streamers, balloons, table decorations, etc. You might even decide to center it around a topic like the year you graduated high school.
  2. Location! Location! Location! Choosing a reunion venue is extremely important for several reasons:
    • Your former classmates may need to travel longer to find a place that is close to hotel accommodation for friends.
    • Size matters when it comes to planning your high school reunion venue, especially if you have had a high school diploma and have managed to attend most. And if they bring your spouse, significant other, partner, or whatever you have, that's twice the size of your class, so you need to make sure that the room or space is large enough to comfortably accommodate the amount of people you expect to attend.
    • Price plays a role in the chosen place. You don't want to appreciate anyone for attending, so ideas about reuniting your high school to choose a location would definitely involve buying prices for the best value. For example, if you find a hotel with nice rooms often used for wedding receptions, it may give you a discount if you book it early or give group discounts if Ks amount of guests book a room for the night at the same time.
  3. Plan months – if not years – in advance. Think you need to notify your wedding guests? The exact "rules" apply to a high school reunion. So, one of the ideas for high school reunion is to make an effort to set a date far enough for long distance classmates to plan their schedule accordingly. Some may need time to rest, hire sisters, board pets, and save money on travel. High school reunion invitations should be fun and – well – enticing. Add a list of all the classmates you have invited, and if you have their permission, add their emails as well. Add a list of alumni that you have not been able to find through normal channels and ask those invited to come back to you if they know where to find any of the missing.
  4. Use social networking sites like Facebook groups to help classmates prepare for their upcoming reunion and help find long-lost high school friends. You can even set up a free website or forum to get the ball, and ask prospective students for more high school reunion ideas.
  5. Ask for donations. Planning a reunion in high school can prove quite expensive, probably almost as much as a wedding reception when you really think about it. But don't get frustrated when you're looking for your former classmates for a little cash to do what needs to be done to keep the meeting going again. One of the most useful ideas for a high school reunion to help bring down the upfront costs is to provide reunion "on call only" and to sell tickets much earlier. These funds can be used to pay for decorations, caterers, place deposits, entertainment and services or gift bags for guests.
  6. Hire a photographer. You want lots of pictures of your old school colleagues and even a new portrait in class to commemorate this event. To cut costs here, contact your high school or college faculty to see if any of the students in photography classes would like to earn something. You will get really good photos and help another student in the process.
  7. Take out the red carpet. As well as celebrity entrances, let your guests enter the red carpet with a photographer as they take pictures as they enter.
  8. Play music from the year you graduated. There are several ways to do this. When you check out photographers in your high school or community college, ask about music students or groups of students who have a band that would be interested in playing on reunion. Alternatively, if you have a local rock school, these kids would love the opportunity to showcase their talents at an event like a high school reunion. My nephew attends rock school in Ecton, PA, and we've been to a few of their garage band concerts and these kids have talent!
  9. Create name tags for your former classmates. This will come in handy for those people who don't really look like they did in high school.
  10. Gift bags or gift bags. High school reunion ideas require creativity and nostalgia, while being both practical and fun. As with any entertainment benefit, you can put together edible services, helpful services, funny or ridiculous services, or things that remind you of the year you graduate.

Custom laminated bookmarks make for great convenience as you can create them with different quotes for each one. Your classmates can exchange and exchange them for their favorite quotes and photos. Marker quotes can be found anywhere, and some suggestions are lyrics from the best songs during the high school era and quotes from the back of the yearbook. Add magnets to the back of the marker. Magnets are always a useful and fun convenience for any party. In fact, you can even use our laminate bookmarks to save date notifications to your classmates and let them "date" on their calendars and view invitations that will arrive by mail.

I hope that these high school reunion ideas will help you plan for a high school reunion that all your classmates will love and look forward to for years to come.

Sightseeing Gold on Vacation

We decided to travel rather than fly somewhere as security at airports is now a hassle, my wife hates boats so cruises are out, so the car was our chosen means of travel. We have a big luxury car and the fuel mileage is over 23 miles per gallon and is really comfortable on long drives. We have several relatives in Louisiana and we decided to head there from Nev Iork and make as many stops as we wanted. No schedule, no meeting, no flight schedule just drive until we are tired and then choose a sightseeing spot.

We left home early Tuesday morning, late June, and headed west across Pennsylvania on Route 84. This has to be the most boring road trip on Earth. Mileage and miles of concrete, except trees. I love trees, but after six hours or looking at them, they can get pretty boring. Turning south on Route 81, the landscape began to change for the better. Different trees, mountain scenery and less traffic made the ride so much better. Before taking our trip, we explored the locations of every gold mine we could find in the southern and southeastern states. There is so much more than you would think. North and South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee have many places to visit. Many places have gem and stone excavation sites where you can pay for your own dirt or make them do it for you. You can then sit down to flush the gems out of the dirt.

Panning seems so easy, but in fact it should be practiced over and over again to learn how to do it properly. The pots are made of both metal and plastic, with some having more reefs or rifles than others, but whichever type fits your taste and budget is fine. Forts collect a small amount of dirt in the pan and then spray some clean water into the pan. Both hands turn the pan in a circular motion to mix water and dirt and spill it inside the pan. You can then select any large stones other than gold or other collector stones (opal, emerald, etc.) and then proceed to rotate the material in the pan. As you work, larger materials will separate and can be flushed out of the pan with more clean water.

Always be careful not to wash the sand of the flank which is the best indicator of the existence of gold. Little by little, you will eliminate everything from the pan, except for larger pieces of gold (hopefully) called clinkers, pickers, and so on, and black sand containing smaller pieces of gold. Very carefully twist the black sand with a little water, and golden flakes or floral gold will separate from the sand as it is heavier and will fall to the bottom of the pan. The sand will end up on the side of the pan and the gold on the other side. Using a sniffer bottle with a small end tip, you carefully suck the floral gold into the bottle. Then again carefully pour the contents of the bottle into the muzzle or bottle. Gold will settle to the bottom, along with any sand that you accidentally vacuumed. Once you have a large mixture of gold and sand, you can re-store it if there is excessive sand, or take it to your gemologist or treatment and weighing office. If you have a postal scale, find something that weighs just one ounce. See how small and light it is? One ounce of gold is currently worth about $ 1400. If it takes a lot of effort to collect an ounce of flower gold, but one or two "pickers" can quickly gain weight.

You can find them while panettes, opals, grenades, emeralds, tourmaline and many other precious and semiprecious stones. We have one emerald cluster that weighs over a pound. I found it at the Emerald Hollow mine in Hiddenite, North Carolina. The other day we will go to a gemologist to clean and cut some stones for us. Many other stones we found were made in bracelets or necklaces and are now in memory. Smokei Kuartz, Iell's Citrine, Akuamarines and sapphire can be found at most mine sites in the area.

The best mining for me was just gold. Yes, really yellow gold. Nuggets, flakes and floral gold are the excitement you'll find in your pan. A gold digging tank costs about $ 15, and all you need is a small bottle and sniffer bottle to take the floral gold and preserve all the gold you find. The first piece you find is a real hit and then you want to find more and more, and more. You will quickly see why many people became hooked on the pursuit of gold. One of the best places we visited was Delonga, Georgia. Listed as a gold digging area, there is a large museum in the center of the city that has a football-sized gold nugget. in fact, Delonga, Georgia, was a gold zone in Russia before 1848 was gold in California. They claim that there are another million dollars of gold left in Delongi and I was able to find some before I left. If you are lucky enough to go there, there are plenty of places to go mine or just sit in a listening way and review what they are digging for you. We spent a few nice pleasant hours collecting our loot, and even if you don't turn it into jewelry later, just looking at the stones will bring back fond memories. Make sure you carry your camera with you. There is a fantastic shop across the beach at the corner of the museum and I can't remember her name for a lifetime, but they have a huge selection of memorabilia and other great antiques. I bought Octagon soaps that I haven’t seen in fifty years. Plan to spend at least an entire day in and around Delonge.

Make sure you wear old, non-dirty clothing and safe comfortable shoes. We found the local hotels more than comfortable and affordable. Every day we would search the internet to find the closest location to the mine and go there. We saw some of the most beautiful, end of hiking landscapes, small towns and mountain views you can imagine. Each mine site offered something a little different. Some were smooth operations that we were not quite sure did not "salinize" the earth, others that had paved roads, old wooden benches and an old timer ready to talk about their adventures with gold. We got some gold on just about every one, and the fee was about the same at $ 10 for a full bucket of five gallon dirt. It takes time for that amount of dirt to drain so you don’t go crazy and buy a fifty-five gallon drum right away.

It would take you eight hours to clear so much land. If you could keep your hands in the freezing cold water of a mountain stream for so long. During the three-week trip, we visited over twenty gold deposits. Like I said, some good, some bad, but it was all an adventure. I remove two small bottles from the jewelry box from time to time just to look at my raw gold. We also did the "Nokville honki tonk" scene, Lurai Caverns in Lurai, VA and The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, N. Carolina. The gardens and grounds at Biltmore are stunning and well worth the trip. Not having a set schedule every day made the trip very enjoyable. We stayed in Nashville for an extra day to sightsee, then to Memphis, to see Elvis, and then to Tunica, Mississippi to try our luck at their casinos. (My wife returned all our money back). We're planning a trip to Murfreesboro, TN this summer, at Crater of Diamonds State Park to mine for diamonds. We have no idea where we will end up, but you can be sure we will see more great things America has to offer and be our little stimulus package as we travel.

Pete Ackerson

10 easy steps to epic fun

Have you ever had a party disaster that could have been prevented by a good plan? My question to you before we even begin this journey is: "can you afford to party in a place or just at home"? Is important. Much. I could tell you some terrible entertainment stories because of budget constraints. One party I attended ended early, no one wanted to stay because there was no food. The same goes with cheap buffets, some people would rather go on a trip down the street than eat crappy sandwiches and mini rolls tossed on a plate with foil, and some won't go back if the beer is really not good. I've seen horrible places with sticky floors and disgusting bathrooms, sometimes the fun might be fine, but if the place you choose is just awful, people will remember it more. And what about the day when all the entertainment vendors showed up to the closed spot and on call and asked why they found out they didn’t have a booking record.

Don't let these shameful things happen to you. If you are having a party, it must be epic, even having fun in your home should be memorable for all the right reasons. Have a great plan, these 10 simple steps will see you well on your way to epic fun.

The first 3 steps are the most important components of your party and perform these steps before doing anything else. These top three are party producers and breakers, the most important ticket items your party should have and if you have budget constraints, these 3 are the only things you need.

1. Select a date.

Start planning a party at least 3 months in advance, 9 if you are really organized. Jobs are cheaper on weekdays, Sundays – Thursdays. Friday and Saturday are weekends and "fun" and can be more expensive. Consider bank holidays a great date for parties, a Sunday night that means no work on Monday is an idea. Keep that in mind in the next step.

2. Select the venue.

For fun, birthday, anniversary, etc. Choose a place like your home, pub, social club or study room, for festive occasions you can choose a hotel, park or house with properties. After booking, pay your deposit and get the reservation in writing, it should be a contract, but at the very least a confirmation email with your deposit confirmation, which you can print as proof.

Do not; Book a place without a preview.

Do not; Make more plans for parties until you have your place booked in writing.

To do; Keep an eye out for a free lounge when you buy their buffet. Remember the tasty sandwiches and mini rolls thrown at the foil plate … avoid at all costs! The only time to take this into consideration is if you checked the reviews and hygiene ratings, if everything is fine and everything looks great, then book it, it could be a good deal.

To do; Choose where the content you need is located. E.g. is there a bar, wheelchair access, stairs, toilets, a place to set up a DJ? Smoking area, tables, chairs, dining tables, etc.

To do; Check for some space; Does the bathroom need an air freshener, liquid soap, flowers? If the stage looks bleak, put a glittering banner on it. When the lights are off, these things will look fine with these helpful tips.

To do; Name your place with your name and reservation date and request access time from vendors servicing your party until 1-2 weeks prior. This is also a great way to talk to your place and re-confirm your reservation.

3. Select a caterer

Many people make the mistake of booking food for their party, you could really be disappointed. A caterer is one of the first 3 steps after booking your spot. Have you ever been to a party without food? When people drink, they want food, even if it's just a burger. I've been to parties where snacks and cakes are served, that's fine for a teen party, but not if adults are invited, people will go out early looking for food, you don't want that to happen. Consider the budget, guests and food you like. Choosing a buffet should be fun, choose the best for your food taste and budget. Get menus from several caterers and compare. Make sure your caterer is fully registered, insured, licensed and has good hygiene. As soon as you find out which caterer you want to work for you, book them, make a deposit to save the date in their journal a.s.a.p. You don’t need a guest number or even your menu finalized to secure your date in the caterer’s diary. Make sure you get your booking confirmation and / or your deposit confirmation.

To do; Hire a caterer. Catering is a lot of work and hard work for those who do not do it regularly. You don't want to be enchanted by your entertainment, you should enjoy the fun and the guests, not that. Everyone remembers the food and therefore makes it memorable, but it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, there are great caterers out there who, with a few flowers, will provide burgers and wedges, and your guests will be impressed.

To do; Find out if you have any guests who have allergies or have nutritional needs like vegetarian, gluten free, etc., and tell your caterer.

Steps That Make A Cute Fun Party!

4. Cake

If you need cake for the event, book it next. I hope I'm not going to surprise you by saying this, but they don't have all the best bakery front shops in your village or town, some of the most amazing cakes I've ever had are from bakers who have their own home kitchen in their bakery. I know and have used them quite a bit and have never been disappointed check Facebook for home bakers, check their portfolio, hygiene rating, reviews and book that cake.

5. Fun

Do you have a DJ or live band? A clown or a castle? Soloist or string quartet? Whatever you decide, do your homework, look at profiles and reviews. A great place to get free offers is FREEINDEKS, they are the king of comparison shopping when buying services. I always have 5 quotes on FREEINDEKS that I can compare with each other. On other well-known websites, you can get vendor quotes from collecting exempted supplier prices just to answer you, and so they are not good if you want to compare prices, you are unlikely to get more than 1 or 2.

6. City overflow

When guests enter your party, the wow factor immediately drives them into the atmosphere created by your fiance. So, what do you want your room to look like? what do you want? Something as simple as colorful balloons? Something more romantic like flowers and candles? Or you want to come out with chair covers and sequins, high candelabras, or even trees with lamps tied in them. Whatever you want, the place keeper has the kind of longest dreams and are great people who will bounce back from creative ideas.

7. Invitations

Party invitations should be sent 8 – 6 weeks before the event date and your R.S.V.P. the date should be at least 10 days before the party, you will find that your caterer will need the final numbers 7 – 5 days before the event date, and when you lock the number of guests your caterer will not be able to reduce your number just increase them.

You don’t need these but epic parties!

8. Free drink

Whether you put beer or wine behind the guest bar and distribute drink vouchers in invitations or have a glass for everyone. Your guests appreciate being your first drink for the whole juice party. If at least your place doesn't make arrival cocktails like a bubble or mimosa, then call your caterer to do it. If your restaurant does not have a bar or if you have fun in the garden, you can hire at least some independent company or caterer.

9. Parti Favorites

In my time I came across numerous party amenities, from love heart rolls, lottery tickets, chocolate covered bags, popcorn bags, sweet carts, cupcakes, cigars, luxury chocolates, the list goes on and on. Although party favors are not important and you don't need them, your guests appreciate them especially when it's a little weird. Candy cookies may be a more expensive choice for a fun party, but people love it. A chocolate fountain is also a very welcome idea.

10. Event photographers / Photo booth

A great way to keep your memories of the fun. People love them and post them all over social media, turning your beloved party into an epic event in the lives of those who attended. Remember to tell everyone your hashtag for your party, put a sign on the bar so everyone can see your pictures from everyone else in the same place, online. # stephsgreatparti # johnis21 etc.

Best American Travel States – California, Colorado, and Tennessee!

Millions of Americans are planning a summer vacation this year, but the economic situation has forced travelers to seek a vacation that is both exciting and easy on the wallet. One way to achieve this is to plan a road trip that will have low but visually useful scenic rides to an area with a good network of local attractions. Traveling to these landscapes and attractive concentrated spaces will reduce your travel, lodging and food costs by tying your meter for fun and excitement for less total travel days. There are three U.S. states that stand out from the crowd for their ability to provide travelers with beauty and amenities – Colorado, California and Tennessee.

It's no secret that many consider California to be a top vacation state, as it brings together an almost endless array of tourist attractions that are strewn across what is widely regarded as one of the most desirable in the US. No matter your age or your interests, there are attractions that will satisfy just about everyone. Traditional amusement parks abound in this country, including Disneiland, Sea World and Lego Land, as well as a Hollywood movie theme focused on Universal Studios Theme Park. If there are no caterpillars and large crowds on your wish list, there are more eclectic attractions, such as Villiam Hurst Castle, Alcatraz Prison, and Carmel Mission.

Adults will especially enjoy the Napa and Sonoma Valley wineries, the cosmopolitan Mecca of San Francisco, as well as the shops and restaurants at Monterey's Cannery. If natural beauty is high on your list, beautiful coastal scenery is available along the entire Pacific coast of California from many free public beaches. For a unique coastal experience, take a boat ride to Catalina Island just off the LA shores. Or if you want to see the wide diversity of the California coast, start south near San Diego or LA and head north. You will start with the tame sandy beaches of Southern California and culminate in dramatic rocky shores that point to Northern California. As you travel this coast, you will travel the potentially most famous scenic drive in the world – Highway 1 Along the California coast. When you're done touring the ocean scenery, head inland and venture into the Redvood Forest, or the Tahoe Lake Alpine Mountains, or the famous waterfall collection at the incredible Iosemite National Park. The list and opportunities go on and on at The Golden State.

If you are looking for a vacation to give you cherished memories of the mountains, Colorado is the ideal choice. The host is an expansive section of American Rocks; about half of the country is mountainous. And it is blessed with a particularly inspiring tract of Rocky Mountains as many of its peaks extend past the acclaimed 14,000-foot altitude … "quadrupeds," as hikers call it, an elite group of peaks located in just four U.S. states – Alaska, California , Colorado and Washington. And if you use the number "quadrupeds" as an objective way of measuring the mountain state's level of "mountain majesty," Colorado is the king of the down, as it is home to 54 American of the 88 peaks rising over this milestone.

In the winter months you can travel the mountainous areas and go world-class Rocki Mountain National Park, see the picturesque topography of the Royal Gorge, become part of a club of hikers who have climbed the famous Pikes Peak, try your hand (and paddle) on white water rafting, enjoy the mountain world class cycling, travel the mountains in a vintage steam locomotive and the list goes on and on. In the winter months, of course, you can enjoy the best downhill skiing in the world, as well as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and even vintage sledding … with the help of a cable car. back to the top. There is no shortage of opportunities in the Hundred Years State, and if you are looking for a state with a good mix of stunning scenic travel options, coupled with a robust selection of tourist attractions, Colorado should rank high on your list of candidate countries.

And lastly, the American state east of the Mississippi River, which has the most to offer travelers looking for a smorgasbord of scenic miles as well as a number of interesting attractions, is Tennessee. The dominant scenic feature of Tennessee is the magnificent Appalachian Range that characterizes the eastern part of the state. Within this area you can visit the jewel of the US National Park – Great Smoki Mountains National Park. This state-of-the-art U.S. National Park covers over 500,000 acres of pristine Appalachia mountainous land and offers all the benefits of a top-shelf national park, including camping, hiking, horseback riding, nature workshops, and a wonderful collection of roads through the mountain valleys. as well as over the top of high-growing fruiting tips. If you want more outdoors, you can also find rugged white water rafting areas, ATVs for horseback riding in Tennessee, and of course hunting and fishing spots.

In addition to rural mountainous areas, the state also hosts some cities that are popular with many tourists. Nashville Tennessee is known as Music Citi and has a large collection of museums and cultural centers as well as the scene of a healthy nightlife. Gatlinburg Tennessee tourist magnet is located near Knokville Tennessee, conveniently located near the entrance to Great Smokei Mountain National Park. This city is full of gills with things to do and see for both children and adults. Attractions like the 400 Mountain Mall, live entertainment, and everyone's favorite kids like miniature golf, stroller trails, arcades, bungee jumping and water parks. In addition, it has a very robust network of accommodations ranging from traditional large corporate hotels, smaller moms and pop motels, bed and breakfasts, and a variety of artesian lodges modeled on ski mountain homes, Indian teenage girls and quaint cottages. No doubt, in the eastern half of the US, Tennessee, like its many mountain peaks, rises above the crowd in vacation and travel options.

The Barrettsmith Sisters – A closer look behind the curtain of American Idol

There is no doubt that Brooke and Leah Barrettsmith of Spring Grove have competed the adventure of their lives in Fock's American Idol megahit TV show. Before exploring their experiences, here's a brief description of how the show works in case you've never seen it.

Before purchasing a plane ticket to Hollivood, a competitor must first endure three days of grueling auditions in one of the major U.S. cities selected to host preliminary auditions. American Idol producers are well aware that the success of the show is based on people without talent as well as those with IT. Many people only hesitate to see the judges mock the contestant to tears or to watch the contestant angry about sending a packet. For example, in this year's show, the two twin males are characteristic because they speak very openly about the judges and verbally protect each other. Another contestant named "Cowboy" jumped on the judges table to sing part of his song.

The camera focuses on the expressions of judges American Idol, Simon Covell, Paul Abdul and Randi Jackson as much as the contestants. Covell's gruesome comments are now a ritual and audience comfortable. Abdul and Jackson regularly criticize Covell. Sometimes a competitor's talent is so obviously second-rate that all three judges can barely hold their laughter.

Competitors must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 16 and 28. This year, 16-year-old contestant Kevin Covais revealed that talent is beyond age. On the opposite pole is a prematurely gray 28-year-old Kevin Hicks whose unique voice could lead him to the finals.

The top 24 semifinalists were removed from public contact like a lone jury. They have to do drug tests. Some contestants were disqualified during the show for failing these tests. All contestants must sign a contract that prevents them from using cell phones, except for family calls and emergencies and the Internet where they can discuss the show in the chat room. They cannot watch TV shows or listen to radio shows or read newspapers. TV fans are currently downloading the vote by phone. The judges consult and comment on the performance, but at this level they no longer vote.

The "finalists" are the last 12 competitors. The drama intensifies after several weeks of further elimination, until no contestant is selected as the winner

The adventure of Brooke and Leah Barrettsmith began on a cold day in September 2005. They arrived at Soldier Field in downtown Chicago at 5:00 a.m., accompanied by their father, Rev. William. Scott Barrettsmith. "We needed to be there early enough to be able to take a good place," Brooke said. Nearly 20,000 contestants auditioned in Chicago that day. Some of them were from New Orleans because the city was chosen as an audition center, but was washed away by Hurricane Katrina.

The contestants were taken to Soldier Field in groups of 300. Brooke and Leah wanted to audition together so they held hands. "Don't separate us!" told American Idol employees.

Only the first day of hope survived the first day. Brooke and Leah were relieved to be one of them. "There were thousands of totally depressed people there," Scott said. The Barrettsmiths spent nights at a nearby hotel. "We literally got the last room available," Scott said.

Two and three days were as hectic as the first. Executive producers of American Idol have told Barrettsmith that "personality is needed" to move on. "I had no problem showing personality," Brooke said. Brooke befriended Mandis, a Tennessean semifinalist. "I can tell you that you are a Christian," Mandisa said. "Girl, let's pray!" When told that Leah had planned to sing a Christian song called "Blessed," the producers said they preferred secular songs. "They didn't want to show favoritism," Leah said. During the audition, Leah sang "Blessed" anyway. "I had trouble making my first choice and just stopped and switched," Lea said.

"We were looking to audition together," Brooke said. Manufacturers allowed this in an unusual move. In a television interview Leah said: "I believe in my sister and she believes in me as much as I love her and we will do it together as much as we can."

Brooke and Leah first confronted the now-famous American Idol judges, Simon Covell, Paul Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Brooke led and sang a short part of her Shoop Shoop song. Then Leah sang. Randy said to Lea, "I like your voice. I think you're good. I'd say Lea." Paula Abdul said, “I think you’re both talented and different in your own way, so I’ll either say‘ yes ’to both, or‘ no. ’” Simon said, “Well, I’d say‘ no ’to both. "There was a brief silence. Then Randy said, 'We have a quarrel, Judge. "Simon said, 'I'll apply Randy's' yes' to both of you, so now it's up to Paula." Paula said, "I love my sister. I love the fact that you're here together supporting each other. I think you both need to work, but you can go back to Hollywood, too. ”Brooke and Leah responded with happy shouts and a big hug. Meanwhile Randi said, "Welcome to Hollivood, sisters, sisters!"

Brooke and Lea told growers about the Richardson corn maze. Feeling a good story, the producers sent a crew of cameramen to Spring Grove to film the sisters playing in and around the corn maze. "The shooting lasted about 10 hours, including dinner with the crew," Brooke said. "All this for a two-minute segment."

In Hollivood

The next phase of auditions began on December 4 in Hollywood. "About 200 of the tens of thousands have arrived in Hollivood," Brooke said. Brooke and Leah traveled without their parents or relatives. They spent the first day touring Hollivood with half of the contestants while the other half auditioned. They wore striking American Idol labels to promote the show in Los Angeles. They stayed at the hotel, two to a room each. "The show didn't skip accommodation," Lea said.

Both were successful in their first audition. In another audition, Randi told Leo, "You didn't bring it today. It's the end of the road."

Leah was surprised by the action. "What you see on television is not always the way it actually happened," Leah said. "They do a lot of editing to make the show more dramatic. For example, when I was singing, the audience seemed bored and quiet on TV. In fact, the audience cheered and clapped as I sang. They yelled" let it through! & # 39; "At another moment, you see Leah looking terrified on TV as if she were reacting to a negative decision. "That footage was totally taken at another time and edited into space," Leah said.

The show puts the contestants in small groups for one segment. "I don't know why it makes us sing with the group," Leah said. "It really has nothing to do with why we're there. I think they try to put a lot of stress on the contestants because of the TV cameras. They're very strict. You better not be late for the meeting. They treat you like dogs."

Brooke supported Leah's concerns. "They love crying and drama. They like to scare you," Brooke said. "Sometimes the judges act completely. They seemed to be lying."

"I think they're pushing the guy to win this year," Brooke said. "They focus on talent for guys."

American Idol rules say a competitor cannot be professionally signed. The show makes the contestants sign a contract limiting their professional activity to one full year. "We're locked up until August," Brooke said.

Leah soon moves to Nashville to pursue a singing career. "I'll be doing more mainstream music," Leah said.

Brooke is dedicated to staying on the Christian music scene. "Christian music is a lot more relevant now," Brooke said. "My career has turned for the better. God used American Idol to change me. Now I'm even more in music ministry."

How to write and host your own big kill party (for parties of 20 or more)

Hello mystery lover!

Welcome to my world.

It's okay and silly to sell mystery games, but what if you wanted to write them yourself – just for your very special event?

Where do you start?

The answer is "here."

This is a guide for mystery lovers and creative entertainment planners like you who want to write and host your own personalized interactive murder mystery game.

If you want to create a memorable, personalized party that your guests will talk about for months to come, then this is the guide for you. If you've tried these mysteries in a box and found them missing, then this is the guide for you. If you're shooting at the seams again with untapped creativity, then this is really the guide for you.

In this article, you will learn how to write, cast and host your own interactive murder mystery game and you will learn the basic elements that make up a good murder mystery plot.

Happy reading, writing and sleeping!


1. Writing

2. Casting

3. Guidelines for your prime suspects

4. Fun details

5. Chart and character samples


Tips to help you get started:

* The setting, events and characters must come to life for your guests.

* Tells a story! Don't just have crime, a victim and a detective; give them a reason why they came together differently from a superficial murder / crime solution.

* Step One: Understand what is best and how best to tell it.

* Step Two: Understand what the crime is, who committed the crime, and how the criminal will be caught.

Here's how I design my mystery games: All target groups are 20 or older. To play the game, you will need to provide 6-8 people ready to participate in the mystery as the primary suspect, victim (s), detective and killer. She will have complete knowledge of the script, which means she will know who she is as a whole. Other guests will take on the role of detective and it will be their job to solve the case. Basically, everyone will have a crucial, interactive part in the mystery. Guest actors didn't need to memorize a lot of dialogue, but they had to be aware of the sequence of events or the timeline that would move the mystery through the tracks, murders and solving crimes. They will need to carry out certain actions (such as arguments) and suspicious activities in order to question the suspects. I like to pack a lot of action into a mystery to keep people active and involved unlike those mysteries in a box where everyone just sits around reading their piece and asking the questions they get from the booklet.

PLOT. You have to think of the plot, the cornerstone of the mystery. It will be your crime scene, if you will. Why did the prime suspects come together? What do they all have in common that connects them to this soon-to-be crime? The stakes must be high for all your primary suspects to give them a motive for murder. Most people kill for love, money, or revenge. The reason is sometimes sheer madness, but mostly because of love, money or revenge.

SIGNIFICANCE. Add your characters, your main suspects. I would recommend at least 6, but not more than 8, because you want to have enough suspects to make the mystery challenging, but you don't want to have too many to confuse it. Of these primary suspects, 1 or 2 will be victims. These characters must be weird and interesting love or hate & # 39; em types and ALL MUST BE MOTIVE. You have to give your guests a stake in the prime suspects & # 39; of life. Give them a reason to hate the villain (usually the first victim); give them a reason to hang out with other suspects (maybe he's a pathetic mom? Boy? Women like to protect this type of character. Or maybe she's a vulnerable, innocent but stunningly beautiful woman?).

One of your characters should also be your detective character. He or she may not actually be a police officer, but he should be in charge of the investigation (and yes, he can still have a motive). He will be the one to maintain strong control and be able to get the most out of your guests & # 39; questions. NOTE: If you wish, you can get your first victim to come back as a detective character, so they can be part of the whole show. If not, they provide great backstage support. For example, they can prepare clues for the next victim.

MOTIVES. Choose your victim from the primary list of suspects. Why will they be killed? Give your characters motivations. As I said, all characters need a motive, otherwise the mystery will be too light, too solved or too vague for people to follow. I would like to make a chart where I list 2 victims at the top of the page and the primary suspects at the bottom of the page. Then I fulfill the motives: unrequited love, jealousy, debts, quarrels and rejection are just a few examples of motives. After completing this chart, you can continue to complete the action. Each character should have a scene to determine the motive with the victims. But about that later.

ACTION. Write down your sequence of events, with some action happening every 5 minutes. These actions should promote motives, provide clues, lead logically to murder, and cohesively guide guests through the mystery. Be sure to add a lot of physical action (such as chases and fights). You don't have to write the dialogue, because in my opinion it will take away from your involvement if your prime suspects have to recite and memorize the dialogue. It becomes a game, not an INTERACTIVE mystery. Simply set the scene and let the suspects improvise their dialogue as the scene unfolds. You should do a mystery about 1 1/2 to 2 hours long (your guests will start jumping after about 2 hours).

The order the contour of the action I mainly use as my template:

0:00 – 0:15 General companionship and introduction. All the prime suspects are beginning to set a motive for killing the first victim. Maybe you can include a welcome speech to determine the crime scene: why everyone is here.

0:15 An action or physical trace was found to determine the motive of one of the prime suspects. Actions may include arguments between the victim and the primary suspect; "private" conversations where the audience sees the interaction but cannot hear what is being said – this seems secret and suspicious; physical fights: water in someone's face, pushing and shoving match (be sure to practice them before the time is safe!)

0:20 An action or physical trace was found to determine the motive of the other primary suspect.

0:25 An action or physical trace was found to determine the motive of the other primary suspect.

0:30 Action, which is a sign of the first death. It could be a nasty speech from the first victim, in which she, for example, presents more motives against the primary suspects or in which the victim discovers that she knows a secret that someone does not want to reveal. This action should reinforce why that person will be killed.

0:35 1st death. A trace is left behind that is not identified, which will eventually lead to the killer. It could be a partial letter from the killer to the victim: "Be still or die. You should never have eavesdropped on my conversation with my father …" (A second clue may be found later, perhaps a love letter to the victim's father saying he does not want to hurt his young son to their The killer is a man, which narrows the suspects if people pay attention.) In general, you can use a red herring or two, but clues should lead to the killer. You can even put a stain of blood on the killer (he can always say he got it when he touched the body, but to the observant eye, blood was on him when he entered the room, before they found the body). Tip: Verbal clues are easy to miss unless repeated. Most clues should be physical / visual.

0:40 After body removal; your detective arranges the sum of the crime. Each of the main suspects accuses the other of the crime and thus confirms each of his motives.

0:50 An action or physical trace was found to establish a motive for another victim.

1:00 A shop or physical trace was found establishing a motive for another victim.

1:10 An action or physical clue has been found to establish a motive for another victim.

1:15 The second victim was discovered. A clue was found leading to the killer. Be careful not to give an answer here.

1:20 Final Summary and Motives; allow your guests to ask questions of the prime suspects (you don't want them to reveal everything that appears in the cover – confession or disclosure, however). All clues should be available to your guests as they fill out their solution form (describing the victims, causes of death, clues, motives and their theory of why and why).

1:30 You're finishing the show. The killer confesses in some dramatic fashion and is either taken or detained. End your show with a bang, not a frenzy. A confessional killer is one thing, but for example, to allow them to escape to take someone hostage. The more action the better – always!

Throw away your mystery

You need to select role players who are diligent, creative, outgoing and trustworthy (you want them to take on the role with enthusiasm and you want them to appear on the night of the show.) They will have full knowledge of the script and should apply the script ahead of time and be prepared to repeat it at least once. Usually I write a screenplay based on which I will act. For example, if you know you have an actress who likes to play sex pot, then write a character that sex pot enters the role with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Other guests will take on the role of detective and it will be their job to determine who they are. As you can see, everyone, from suspects to visiting detectives, will be actively involved in the mystery.


Include these guidelines in your script:

GUEST PARTICIPATION: Because these are your guests & # 39; If you want to solve this problem, you want to get them involved as much as possible allowing you to ask questions, follow you, examine clues and do whatever it takes to solve the case. Involve them whenever possible in your arguments and conversations with other suspects. When you are charged with murder, for example, you can use your guest as your alibi. Hang out and chat, as you would in a normal social situation only this time when you are "in character". You will no longer "sue" but "Ingrid" and don't let your guests tell you otherwise! Sue might never tell a guest who accused her of murder of jumping into a lake, but Ingrid can.

HOW TO PREPARE: Highlight your part first. Then go through the script several times to get to know what to do and when to do it. Then run it with the other main suspects to get a feel for the other characters and how the sequence should unfold. Practice all physical actions (safe first!) Your audience, depending on how much they get involved, can distract you (in a fun way) because they are so enthusiastic about being a part of it all and solving the case.

Wear a watch: Keep the time. Failure to keep up with the time will put you in a hurry with the order and you'll soon be left with nothing, but the wrapper and guests are still getting used to the idea of ​​participating in a murder mystery! Use the "cheat sheet" if you need to socialize with your guests. I advise you not to pull out the entire scripts in full view of your guests. If the guest accepts the script, the mystery is solved. You do NOT want to set up your room at any time to check your file if you have asked the question of what is next. That's the glory of improvisation: if you need to, you can leave the "stage" and just choose where you left off at any time!

FEATURES: NOTE, in a good mystery, everyone must have the motive, the means and the opportunity to be a suspect. Act as a suspect you are!

CHARGES: It should be clear to everyone what everyone else's motives are for you to be able to effectively accuse one another of murder.


Remember to have fun, indulge, be exciting and enjoy playing these parts and your guests will automatically follow your role.


Invitations: When you design invitations, it lets people know that they have been summoned to solve the murder. Adjust the scene a little. "Big Daddy Sugarbaker, the extraordinary billionaire, would like to invite you to attend a party in his honor. Maybe this is his last party because of his ill health …" Encourage them to take on a character who fits the story and put on the dress part. Let them know if it's a period so they can find a costume for a long time. Excite them for the opportunity to participate and solve the murder mystery. Build intrigue.

Detectives & # 39; Tools: At a dinner party, you will want to provide your guests with some kind of program that identifies the primary suspects and sets up a crime scene. It will be a great guide for your detectives. Also provide them with a "record of evidence" (and a pen) so they can record clues and evidence, victims and cause of death, and who they think they did and why. I recommend collecting these solution sheets at the end of the mystery and before you discover the killer. Give an extraordinary award to a detective for the person or persons involved in the case to be recognized for a job well done.

Setting up the stage ": Of course, depending on the theme of your mystery, any additional "atmosphere" you create with props and staging will only add to the mystery. If you already have enough on your plate, don't worry about it. Your prime suspect and your story will create an atmosphere. When my professional troupe accomplishes our mysteries, 9 of the 10 times we find ourselves in a boring hotel function room. I have never complained to anyone about the decor or lack thereof. They are so engrossed in the real mystery, the only thing they pay attention to is the prime suspects.

The menu: Another element you might want to consider when creating a mysterious evening is the menu. If you do country and western mystery, then barbecue might ask for it. Or if you're doing Hawaiian luau, then it would cost more tropical meals. Again, this is only a consideration but not necessary.

Setting up a customer: I suggest you do the mystery around dinner and its dishes (and you don't have to NOT include a full dinner if you don't want to, but provide drinks and finger foods of some kind). It always works best to create drama and intrigue immediately. Your guests come excited for the mysterious evening ahead, so don't make them wait until dinner (except that their mental energy levels will be much lower after the meal, and you want them to be ready, willing and able to participate). Upon their arrival, the cast should already have a character, set the scene. Give your followers a program (remember this is their guide to the secret), a list of solutions, and a pen as they arrive. Wrap your vhitunit during coffee and dessert. (NOTE: For your guests to enjoy a meal and a mystery, you never want something too dramatic to happen during actual courses or while your guests are at the buffet.)

Thanks for reading!

Kuinceaner's Planning Guide: Embracing Centuries of Cultural and Family Importance

La fiesta of the Kuinceanera is a Latin rite for girls who are 15 years old. Kuinceanera literally means "the one who is 15" and the only word has become the whole birthday celebration, which the current generation simply calls "quince"It's a ceremony full of meaning when a young girl symbolically escorts family and community to womanhood. Custom and ritual reconnect ethnic, religious and family ties. This planning guide reveals its major elements and shows how Latina celebrations vary across countries, and some The ceremony as we know it today in the United States is based on the Mexican version that became popular in the 1930s, and continues to be popular in communities where is far from a static event but changes dynamically with time.

This special birthday celebration has its roots in the Aztec culture and the characteristics of that culture play the essence of the modern ceremony. The Aztecs date from about 500 B.C. originated in the United States where present-day Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado meet. In the late twelfth century, they began to move south where they reached modern-day Mexico and became a prominent culture there by the end of the fifteenth century. Family was a major aspect of Aztec life and the girls taught their mothers the household and raising children, and at about sixteen, the girl was introduced to the community as ready for marriage. Religion was central to the Aztec people because they worshiped hundreds of gods and goddesses, representing various aspects of life. In their religious ceremonies, music occupied an important place as they played flutes, drums and rattles with chants to worship their gods. In addition, clothing was an important part of both the Aztec religion and daily life. Thus, family, faith, celebration and uniform defined the life of the Aztecs.

Combine these Aztec cultural elements with traditions around the world to celebrate the transition from childhood stages of adolescence to adulthood. While in the old days girls were raised in social graces and local skills, by age 15 or 16, they were solemnly presented to their community as young women ready for marriage and ready for childbirth. Today, in Latin American culture, 15 years was chosen to symbolize the beginning of a girl's life as a young adult, the opportunity to learn about culture, tradition and religion through high school, high school, and for some, planning for college or a career. There are privileges and responsibilities for her to look forward to, such as driving, managing money, working, training, and even legal drinking. This is the central point where things change with respect to relationships with family, friends and social institutions.

Latina enters the Kuinceaner event as a child and appears as a young woman. It sets him the path that he will embark on as an adult. Those who know her treat her differently from that day. As a symbol of growing up, the ceremony represents a change in relationships with parents and friends. The teenage girl will begin to take on the responsibilities her parents assumed during her first 15 years. He may start managing his money, doing more chores around the clock, doing medical appointments, and managing time for homework, chores, and play. Peer friendships may change because a 15-year-old girl may see more friends less often than in high school, but her interests are reinforced by how close friends influence and support her decisions about church, business, sports and social activities. This phase of life develops with important decisions about what interests her in choosing her life path. They will likely spend their free time focusing on one sport, one talent or hobby or preparation for one profession, one choice for career training or applying for college. In any case, a 15-year-old girl will start spending more time away from home and with her family structure, ready to create her own journey and family.

The history of Mexico again influenced the evolution of the Kuinceaner celebration when the Spanish conquered Mexico in 1521 and mixed the Catholic religious tradition with the traditions of Aztec and Mayan life ceremonies. Shortly thereafter, the birthday event included a Thanksgiving Mass during which the young girl upheld the baptismal vows her parents gave her and affirmed her Catholic faith and her choice to commit to marriage or church. The ceremony would have taken place at a community gathering place had there not been a Church for Mass.

In the old days, when dresses did not exist, a 15-year-old girl would still be dressed in a way that would set her apart from everyone else at the ceremony. Clothing has gained prominence and today's Kuinceaner celebrations begin with girls preparing makeup, hairstyles and manicures. The birthday girl dresses up in a festive evening gown for mass and the next fiesta. In the past, the dress was pink, but in recent decades white has been a choice to symbolize purity. Decorative embellishments, such as embroidery, sequins, pearls and lace, can embellish a style of dress that reflects current trends and the girl's fashion sense.

Like many personal celebrations, the birthday girl's individual preferences and social background and family status affect the extent of the 15th birthday celebration. But there are some aspects that are common to most of them:

Mass celebration:

  • A young woman will arrive at her parish church, probably in a limousine, accompanied by her parents, godparents and a court of honor who have been chosen girls and boys, respectively known as "damas" i "chambelanes" (ladies and cameramen). Typically, there are 14 or 7 pairs.
  • A little girl will stroll down the hall of the church with her orchestra to stay at the altar during Mass.
  • The music will accompany the Mass and all parts of the Church's birthday ceremony.
  • At the ceremony, the priest blessed a rosary, a bible, a prayer book, or a cross or necklace with a laundry or pendant depicting the Virgin Mary of Guadeloupe, and was presented to her teens by a godfather. Other gifts that are given at the ceremony or given to the girl to wear may include a scepter, bracelet, ring or earrings.
  • Two ceremonies paired in a church can include "Changing Shoes" and "Tiara Crowning." Two children were selected to join the girl's entourage in the procession down the aisle. The boy wears a pillow with shoes and the girl wears a heart-shaped pillow. At some point, chosen around the celebration of the Mass, the father removes his daughter's shoes from the flats in which she reached the high heels in which she would go. Then the mother places the tiara on the head of her daughter. These ceremonies play a big role in transforming a little girl from girl to young woman in the eyes of the community. Tiara also reminds everyone that a girl will always be a princess before God and the world.
  • At the end of the Mass, the birthday girl will place her bouquet on the altar in honor of the Virgin Mary, and members of her family will share presents with those present.

After Mass, guests gather for a fiesta or at a reception where other special birthday events take place. The reception includes dinner and dancing and can be held at the girl's house, in the event room at the hotel or restaurant, at the casino, or sometimes it can be a block party. Music is a big part of life in the history of Spanish, Aztec and May. Everyone would dance, sing and sing prayers with music, which is a joyous backdrop for the birthday celebration. Today's Kuinceaner event includes live music and / or DJ and recorded music. With that in mind, a birthday celebration can be planned with the choreographer or at least, the dances and program are practiced weeks or months in advance. The party program will include most of the following:

  • The grand entrance of the birthday girl and her companionship occurs when most of the guests sit or gather at a party venue.
  • The optional formal toast, which parents or godparents usually make to a birthday girl, can take place upon arrival or later, after dinner and when the cake is cut and served as a dessert.
  • The first dance is a father-daughter waltz.
  • If giving a crown or tiara to a girl was not part of the ceremony at Mass, then, at the end of the father-daughter dance, the mother dances with her daughter as they handle the chair or "throne" in a special way. Tiara's mother is put on her head by her mother's birthday, while the girl sits on a "throne".
  • If the change of shoes is not made as part of a church ceremony, the father comes to the girl who gave birth to the seat after her mother crowned her with a tiara. The father takes off her daughter's sandals, shoes or low-heeled shoes and puts on her high heels, symbolizing the girl's transition to adulthood. Then the father takes his "princess" daughter to dance again and the fun goes on.
  • The birthday girl waltzes with her "Chambelan de Honor " (Chamberlain of Honor, or Chief Household Officer), who is her chosen companion and part of the court of honor.
  • There is a family dance, which is usually a waltz involving all the close-knit girls, godparents, closest friends, "ladies" (ladies) and "kambeli" (chamberlains or household servants).
  • The birthday girl song is played and danced by the girl along with her orchestra. Today, it can be any modern song.
  • A general dance is announced and there is usually a waltz where everyone, young and old, is asked to play.
  • Optional "La Ultima Muneca" (Last Doll) Ceremony takes place. It is based on the ancient Mayan tradition. The Chambelan de honor is set to introduce the girl to society at the party, and she will also give her the theult muneca. The birthday girl will dance to a doll that relates to the last toy in her life because, after this special birthday event, the girl is now approaching adult life and eventually marriage. Traditionally, the doll was handmade, but in recent years it has been a Barbie doll, and some used in the ceremony are made of ceramics or porcelain and are hand painted. These more elegant dolls are often sought after as collectibles.
  • Another option is 15 candle ceremonies. It is an opportunity for the birthday girl to thank 15 of those who helped her develop and grow by giving a candle to everyone as she explains their impact and appreciation. This touching tribute is also known as the tree of life ritual.
  • Dinner courses can be accommodated throughout the program of dances and ceremonies or, after completion of the entire program, dinner can be served. Music is played as guests dine, socialize and dance.
  • Breakfast is served the next morning for family and closest friends, especially since some of them are staying with family. That could be it recalentado (reheating) food that is not consumed the night before and reheated for a meal.

What is best determined by the Mexican Birthday Festival has been developed by some differences in other Latin American and South American countries. Many celebrations are similar, but do not cover all the ceremonies of a girl's 15th birthday as a Catholic Mass, because in fact most – but not all – are Hispanic.

In Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, where the celebration is called a fiesta de kuince, the fun is divided into segments around serving different dinner courses. The program may include playing videos of earlier segments of the party, a ceremony with 15 candles and ending with a cake cutting ceremony where each guest pulls a ribbon from the crowd. Each strap has a charm attached, and one has a special prize ring. The party ends with a carnival-style festive dance.

In the Dominican Republic, a birthday girl usually wears a long dress of bright color, while other young ladies in her neighborhood also wear brightly colored dresses, and young men wear colorful ties with their dark suits or suits. It is common for a birthday girl and couples to accompany them to perform several choreographic dances, which may include rhythms such as merengue, pop and salsa. One of the main attractions of the Dominican Republic is the traditional quince a cake of huge size and beautifully designed with very colorful decorations.

In Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, after the first dance, the choreography begins with a dance performance by the birthday girl and her friends. After that, the music is performed by live bands, famous guest artist, DJs, food and drinks. The "crazy clock" starts late at night. Party attendees put on masks and fun wigs. They whistle and whistle while the fast-paced music plays loudly. Optionally, the birthday girl can do the final surprise dance, alone or accompanied.

In Cuba, 15th birthday celebrations were very popular until the late 1970s. Unlike most Mexican and Latin American Kuinceaner events, tradition has partly entered Cuba through Spanish and French influence. Rich families would rent expensive dining rooms and private clubs to host a birthday party, which they call quince. The entertainment would usually include a choreographed group dance in which 14 couples waltz around a birthday girl accompanied by one of the main dancers.

In Brazil and in Portuguese, she is called a little girl on her 15th birthday "festa de debitantes" or "debut party," and in Peru, the event has become less popular with teens who find it old-fashioned and too expensive for their parents.


In the United States, Latinas continue to magnify Kuinceaner celebrations, whether their fathers are well-disposed businessmen and lawyers, or taxi drivers and construction workers. Latinas and their families raise tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for dinner, drinks, parties, dresses, jewelry, limos, gifts, DJs, bands, musicians, choreographers, videographers and photographers. Padrinos (patrons, godparents), who are family and friends, are asked to pay for the birthday festivities. They become "numero uno" in the planning process, at least as far as parents are concerned. Websites like "My Favorite Quince" guide the birthday girl and her parents about who to ask to be Padrinos. Fortunately, the barter system is also welcome, so some families change and exchange services. Instead of raising money, they will find limousine services, rental halls, bakeries, food and beverage services to participate among their middle class colleagues and friends. Still, for Latinos and the poor middle class, the question is how many of them can develop false expectations that the future holds supplies of Padrinos willing to make tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands during their education, wedding, new home, new car, and its guaranteed pink future.

However, just as in the fifth century B.C. until the sixteenth century A.D., when the Aztec girls arrived at fifteen, the urge to celebrate the Kuinceaner was alive and well and is a family day of happiness and memories that are cherished forever. It is a cherished tradition of an old age that has wrapped itself in the Catholic faith, its beliefs and ancient rites. As the girl steps out of the protective family unit and approaches the world of work to create her own life and family, her intricate birthday celebration can open up a conversation about how relationships and people change. Dealing with life stages can provide insecure parents a way to embrace change instead of fear, and a special birthday ritual that focuses on both the joy of childhood and the transition to adulthood can satisfy both parents and the birthday girl.

Despite the fusion of rabid commercialism with Catholic and cultural rituals, Latinos of many social classes embrace their 15th birthday celebration, enter adolescent adolescence, and embark on an adult arrival with cultural roots dating back centuries and find their place in family and religion. While social studies points to the breakdown of traditional family life in a world of cultural change, in whatever form it takes, Kuinceanera is a very special event that only happens once in a girl's life. It is a time to rejoice in life's wonder and to affirm a commitment to family, friends, tradition and community.

(c) 2012 Elizabeth McMillian

7 Tips for Planning a Successful Yacht Party!

Tip no. 1 Be strict with your visitors' visitors.

Make it clear in the calls that RSVPs are being sought and not responded by the due date, so they are not "in". After receiving the required number of guests and confirming them, close your invitations. Don't confirm anyone else. As an organizer, you'll get the usual "Can I still come?" routine and your tendency is to please your guests, but when you organize a yacht party – you just can't.

Unlike hotel accommodation – there is simply no “space”.

Tip no. 2 Before you settle in, go to Iacht Hopping

Just like you would “visit a venue” when organizing an event. If you are organizing a yacht event, you have to do it, except doing this on the water! Know your guests – are they comfortable with each other? Will she enjoy "squeezing" or will she love a little big space? What types of activities will you organize on yachts? Would you like to cruise? What are their charter fees? All of this will help you decide which yacht you will eventually choose.

Tip no. 3 know what you get with your rental fees

Really inspect yachts for space constraints, what they let you do or don't do on yachts, and what goes with the rental fees, e.g. Some yachts come with a fully equipped kitchen and some do not. Some yachts do not include a generator while cruising – so there is no electricity and you may need to carry your own battery operated equipment when cruising.

Some yachts do not allow you to bring food or may charge you for boarding. Some yachts have a barbecue pit and some do not. So get to know the details and really know what you get with charter fees so that there are no surprises later.

Tip no. 4 Provide enough food for your guests!

When arranging a yacht party, make sure you order or stock up on enough food and drink for your guests. Remember, once you set sail, there is no way to get supplies! Some yachts provide the full dining experience with a chef on board, so you don't have to worry about food shortages – you just pay for them :]

However, if you do get your caterer, make sure you plan your meals well. If you plan to barbecue on board, ensure that all your meat and seafood is marinated in advance. It's good to hire someone to barbecue for you when your guests are having fun! Invite light snacks or finger foods as an appetizer before sailing and eating foods as basic as rice, pasta, baked potatoes – trust me, get hungry quickly when you're cruising outside :]

Tip no. 5 Have Music, Travel!

Not all yachts are equipped with fantastic sound systems or tube music. So you may need to bring your boom box or ipod with speakers and a good music collection. It's nice when music is playing in the background when your guests are on a yacht. In this way, ensure that good music guides the environment on the yacht. Or if you have a big budget – hire live jazz musicians to play on a yacht!

Tip no. 6 Be clear with your itinerary

When you rent a yacht, it gives you at least 4 hours of charter, depending on the yacht rental company. Talk to a yacht representative about what you can do within 4 hours. When organizing a yacht party, you can do many things – there is a dinner cruise – you can catch a music fountain or songs from the sea and fireworks at Sentosa from the high seas. Or you can choose to cruise the southern seas, where they can take you to a barbecue on one of the islands. Or you can just have fun on a yacht on a berth and not on a cruise. Whatever you choose, be clear about the plans so that they can make arrangements with the skipper or yacht captain before your event.

Tip no. 7 be ready for anything!

When organizing any event, contingency plans are the norm. The same goes for organizing a yacht party. For example, some of your guests may be prone to seasickness – yes! that's what happens. So make sure you have seafood pills – or alert guests in advance before boarding. Be prepared for wet weather – in case the rain falls, the skipper may decide not to cruise because the water is shallow, so make sure that even if the yacht lands on the berth, the yacht is large enough and guests will still have a good time at yachts with good food and good music. Make sure you have ice boxes filled with ice, in case the fridge does not work during the cruise and you still need to refrigerate your drinks. Or there may be a power outage when you have a night cruise – so get those torches and spare batteries ready! In short – be prepared for anything :]

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