Ethereum (ETH) has been driven by a recent surge in aggressive cryptographic markets and has been able to expand its momentum despite the fact that Bitcoin has erased much of its recent earnings overnight.

This bandwidth enabled ETH to decisively drop over $ 200, which is likely to prove to be the main support level in the near future, and any continued speed on altcoinds is likely to allow Ethereum to make significant further gains in the coming days and weeks.

Ethereum will take the previous $ 200 as a Bulls Roar
At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading above 5% at its current price of $ 201, a significant increase from the weekly low of $ 180.

This upward momentum was first triggered earlier this month when the ETH fell to $ 170, subject to strong buybacks, allowing cryptocurrencies to begin its uptrend, which has since risen to $ 200.
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Does ETH continue to move higher?
Analysts predict that Ethereum will rise in the near future as the trading room, a popular crypto-analytics group on Twitter, explains that ETH is likely to be between $ 209 and $ 219.

In the short term, it is likely that Ethereum will continue to gain momentum as it has grown amid growing pressure on Bitcoin, which has begun to decline its dominance in the cryptographic markets as altcoins begin to move forward.

BigCheds, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, said in a recent tweet that ETH is currently well above its 200-day moving average of $ 200 in the low region, which may be where the cryptographer finds some resistance, slowing current growth.


Know more about choosing a venue for a corporate event feature

Corporate culture is a testament to the growing concern for the gradual introduction of strategies and relationships with staff to encourage employees. With that in mind, every corporate event, function and party is organized every month or at the end of the year. In addition, great entertainment needs the perfect place to make a great impression on employees.
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These corporate events have become an extraordinary source of motivation and a unique way to thank and value hardworking employees. Therefore, choosing the perfect venue for corporate events is very important.
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To learn more about great corporate function locations, consider some great ideas and great ideas where you can conjure up a fun mood.

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One important factor to consider when organizing a corporate event is location. The place should be easily accessible to all invited persons. Events that take place at large hotels or resorts require that guest bookings be delivered in advance. It is important that each invitee arrives at the scene on time.
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The company should, if possible, arrange location-related transportation so that even working women can come and enjoy it. You can also organize fun parties and hip shows as they go out for features in big or big places. Hotels and resorts often turn out to be the perfect option because they provide accommodation, which is helpful if foreign delegates attend your party.
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Moreover, reputable and trusted places help to build the image of the organization. Whether it is a recognition party, an awards ceremony or an annual party, choosing the right venue is essential.
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Famous and large venues remain reserved throughout the year. Therefore, reservations should be made in advance to avoid any inconvenience. In addition, be sure to book some extra rooms for guests and guests to take a break. As hotels and restaurants are marked, it is pointless to worry about them.
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Select a theme

You can classify parties according to invitees and guests. Arrange for absolute and unlimited loss for party staff only. Organize committee meetings and formal conferences for vital delegates in highly sophisticated spaces. Moreover, your foreign delegate could not be more appropriate than meeting golf.
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Here are some tips you can use to make your business a success:

Setting a budget

While planning corporate events, you need to work your budget carefully. In addition, you must ensure that you have extra money for contingencies. Most times, your budget goes well beyond what you estimated.
Send a call early

Always remember to send guest invitations a few weeks before the actual event. Be sure to ask your guests at RSVP to know the number of people attending the event.
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Keep additional copies of the call

It is important to keep additional copies of the contract, agreement or list in case they are lost or lost.
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Therefore, the next time you have to select corporate event features, venue venues take into account all of the above factors.


Estimate the return on investment when adding a spa to a hotel

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the idea of ​​adding a spa to an existing hotel and how to determine if it is a worthwhile investment. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution and every property and market is unique.
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Many things need to be considered before a glaze decision is made. First, it is important to identify the reasons why you want to build a spa. Then you need to evaluate your market, competition, current financial data and projections to determine whether or not a spa is for your property.
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Working with a spa and / or hotel consultant is an important step that you need to take to analyze sustainability, assist in the decision-making process and design details, but this article will at least give you an insight into how to evaluate the feasibility of adding a spa to your hotel. This article will look at the reasons why the hotel added a spa and financial assistance.
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First it is important to start by understanding a few things about the spa industry. In the 2010 Diagonal Report on the US spa market, the size of the spa market in 2009 was an industry worth $ 15.5 billion. According to a 2010 ISPA industry report, spa consumers made 143 million visits to 20,600 spas across the United States.
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Although these numbers show a decrease from the previous year (in both reports with contradictory data), we must remember that 2009 was very different from today. With the economy stabilizing and consumers becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of receiving spa treatments, only that number is expected to grow. Diagonal reports point out that the spa industry will start to grow by 1.5% in 2011, which is higher than most by some 15% or more.
The spa industry has experienced exponential growth since 1999, when there were only 4,140 spa companies serving $ 4.2 billion and expanding to 4.2 million visits. If we link the spa market to the leisure industry, it ranks fourth behind golf, health and racquet and cruise clubs.
The reason I mention this is because the trends in the spa world are to create synergy with other leisure industries like the ones mentioned above, which means that spas also make up a small percentage of this industry’s revenue. It’s a trend that will only continue and club and hotel owners are noticing it all.
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It is also important that you profile your clients to make sure your client’s demographics match those of the spa. This information also varies with age, for example, some spa consumers are interested in alternative healing, some in fitness and education and some in relaxation alone.
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As you can see, there is much to consider to determine what your spa will look like and it is important to find a consultant who understands your guest and what he or she wants. The spa designed for business travelers is very different from the one designed for the vacation of young professionals, babe boomers and families (and yes, there is a market for emerging family spas).
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That said, according to a 2011 Coile Hospitaliti Consumer Priority Study, relaxation and stress management are still a major reason why consumers visit spas. And what is the basic reason for people to rest? Now you can see the connection between the spa and the hotel which is nothing new. Bottom spas, spas remain a luxury as well as a holiday, and the two go hand in hand with each other. Now on to the thing.
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According to the July issue of Hotel Management, 2,951 new hotels and 354,100 new rooms are being built in the second quarter. While there is no data available that I could find, I would assume that at least 70% of 4-star or better projects will have thermals. Why? That’s a really simple answer when you look at the reason why hotels are building spas.
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You probably already know the lack of a hotel without a spa, which is why you’re reading this. Let’s identify the benefits and why adding a spa would make sense. The most notable drawback is that you are probably losing market share from your competitors who already have a spa and are probably discounting your rooms in an attempt to attract some of that market share.
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While you can make the argument that not every person booking a hotel wants spa treatment, you also need to understand that there is a large population that does. Even if your guests are not interested in massage or facials, they can still enjoy the spa using non-treatments such as sauna, steam rooms and pool.
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This is also a great advantage that hotel spas have over freestanding or day spas. Traditionally, the spa industry in the area has been referred to as a “non-revenue-generating area” because it is considered part of the convenience of guests receiving treatment. The same goes for hotels, but to improve your revPOR, you can charge your guests for using only wet areas, in some cases, $ 75 per day.
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Other reasons why a hotel would like to add a spa other than gain market share or prevent it from losing to spa hotels include the following. First, you can increase your ADR because of the extra “extras” that will improve your revPAR and your revPOR.
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Another wonderful benefit of adding a spa hotel to your hotel is that you can start attracting a local and loyal customer and increase sales and package deals. It also allows you to continue to earn revenue in the low season. This makes the potential of health resort revenue almost limitless with a good marketing strategy in the receptive market. So if you have been keeping up, you are gaining market share, retaining guests, increasing your occupancy rate, increasing your ADR by sometimes as much as 10% and increasing your local business. Looks like you’re already making progress, right? On the surface, it certainly makes sense, but there are many things to consider and evaluate. You have to do a feasibility study, a competitive analysis and a few to consider, and then consider finer details such as what the spa should be like, what topic, what treatments, what products, etc. While these things are just as important and will determine the spa and the success or failure of the company, the goal of this article is to discuss the benefit and impact of adding a spa and how it may affect your last line.

Hotel owners often look at the spa as a unit to determine if it is a worthwhile or not or a sustainable investment. While it may seem to make sense, it is not always best to decide whether to add a spa. Where the spa fits in with your income statement also depends on how you structure the spa management (tenant, hotel owned and operated, hotel owned but operated by a management company, etc.) The spas are extremely hard working and you need to work hard to developed a steady stream of clients. Most spas, according to a recent report published by STR Global, operate with 33% use of treatment rooms. There are many fixed labor costs, but in most spa compensation models they generate an incredible amount of variable labor costs. Because of this, COGS are very high and profit rates very low. Another thing to keep in mind when a spa is that treatment rooms can be occupied multiple times a day, unlike a hotel room that can only be occupied once a day. This is also important to consider when determining the size of your spa. There are also a myriad of reimbursement models and cost structures to evaluate which will be the most profitable for your business. This is why applying for a health resort becomes very challenging and sensitive. The point is that freestanding spas, in most cases, are not a particularly attractive investment unless they serve a unique and attentive niche, such as a health or specialized resort. Vellness Capital Management’s Monte Zvang reported to Pro Knovledge Netvork at the Nashville Dai Spa Association that the average day spa has a net gain of only 4 to 15%.

Because of these few topics, you need to look differently at a hotel spa to determine its value. This is best illustrated by the example. Suppose a hotel decides to build a moderately luxurious 6,000 square foot spa costing $ 2,000,000. The spa’s feasibility study forecasts will generate an additional $ 1,200,000 as a department. After unallocated operating costs, the revenue for the spa is approximately $ 240,000. This obviously looks like your ROI will be a long time coming. But let’s look at it a different way.

Suppose in the same example, a hotel has 300 keys with an ADR of $ 150.00 and operates at a 70% occupancy rate resulting in a revPAR of $ 64,695 and a revPOR of $ 253, including additional departmental revenue. Its total revenue is $ 19,408,623, its net operating income of 6,573,664 feasibility studies predict that by adding a spa, occupancy will increase by 5.7% and the hotel can increase its ADR by 10%. As hotel occupancy will increase, similar increases in other departments’ revenue may also be expected. With this forecast and the addition of additional revenue generated by the new spa department, room revenue will increase 16.29% ($ 1,872,450) and total revenue will increase 22.47% ($ 4,360,834) before the department and retained operating expenses. Net operating income improved 19.11% ($ 1,256,328). By analyzing the addition of a spa this way, you can see that the ROI is much higher and is happening faster than if you just had to estimate the ROI using a 20 percent spa profit ($ 240,000) Include that in your capitalization rate and you can see how much value your property has grown. For simplicity, see the summary below.

Total income: no spa – $ 19,408,628; With Spa – $ 23,769,456; Increase – $ 4,360,834 (22.47%)

NOI: No Spa – $ 6,573,664; With Spa – $ 7,829,992; Increase – $ 1,256,328 (19.11)

Net Profit: No Spa – $ 4,351,377; With Spa – $ 5,153,389; Increase – $ 802,012 (18.43%)

RevPAR: No Spa – $ 64,695; From the Spa – $ 79,232; Increase – $ 14,537 (22.47%)

RevPOR: No Spa – $ 253; From the spa – $ 293; Increase – $ 40 (15.81%)

Occupancy: No spa – 70%; With Spa – 74%

Average daily price: no spa – $ 150; With Spa – $ 165

Some of you may think this is too good to be true and you may be right. These projections are based on a market feasibility study that made sense to add to the spa. Not all spas can project $ 1,200,000 in revenue and not all hotels can get away with increasing ADR, and the cost of each hotel is different. You need to relate this example to your situation. Having said that, let’s look at another example. If the same assets did not increase ADR but improve their occupancy, they would increase their net operating income by $ 561,397 and improve their net profit by 7.9%, still making the investment attractive. On the other hand, if the spa does not make money ($ 0 in revenue) and you do not increase ADR, NOI declines by 3.1% and net profit decreases by 7.4%, which after spending $ 2,000,000, which would not be best situation given the opportunity cost of the investment. Another thing to look at is that the spa is not making money ($ 0 in revenue) and you can at least increase your average daily rate and occupancy, NOI is improving 7% and net profit is 3% which is still increasing, but consider investing. It would take 15 years to make any return. The challenge is that this does not require any expertise to understand that if you do not make money in the spa, you are still spending. Then you can explore either renting space, doing a joint venture or working with a management company that shares revenue but absorbs the costs of doing business.

I hope this did not confuse you and remember that this idea only applies to your situation and costs, and especially to your market and consumers. It doesn’t work for everyone and if proper feasibility, structuring, budgeting and projections are crucial. This has not been reviewed by any financial gurus or accountants, this is simply the way I invest in a hotel to make my recommendations.

Birthday places – things to consider

When planning an important birthday party, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on a venue. Choosing the right venue can have a huge impact on the success of the party and means your guests will leave and have a great time. Poor choice of location can have the opposite effect.

The first factor to consider is whether you plan on hosting a party at your home or finding an alternative venue for your party. Usually this will affect the number of people attending and you may find that small family gatherings or parties held solely for close family and friends can be held at home. For larger scale parties, you may need to consider one of the following: –

1. Attending numbers: If your own home is too small to accommodate everyone, you will need to find a place that has enough capacity for everyone to squeeze inside. This can be the case at a children's birthday party with many friends from kindergarten, school, etc. will attend;

2. Location: ensure that the entertainment venue is centrally located and not too far for everyone to travel;

3. Catering: You may have the ability to simply hire a place and organize your own entertainment. This can be a good idea if you want to cut costs. Alternatively, most outlets offer their own catering meal and you can arrange certain packages depending on the price per person;

4. Overnight: It may be a good idea to provide the place with overnight accommodation, especially for an evening function where alcohol is drunk and guests may have traveled the distance to attend. If the place itself does not have accommodation, ensure that there are rooms nearby and provide guests with details when they send invitations so they can book in advance;

5. Health and safety: ensure that the venue is able to accommodate people with disabilities and also possess the necessary certificates for places such as indoor playgrounds; i

6. Fun: If you are renting a ballroom, then make sure it allows you to bring your own party, such as a live band, children's entertainer, toys, etc. Some of the venues may provide entertainment as part of a package, e.g. disc jockey at the hotel.

The place to choose is usually chosen by the age group you will be dealing with. Indoor play centers are becoming increasingly popular for kids' birthdays, until you want them to riot at the hotel.

Choosing the right venue can be a difficult part of the event planning process. Fortunately, there are a number of helpful websites and online resources that can help you through the process and help you find your perfect place for entertaining in the many entertainment venues available.

Mascara Balls – How To Throw A Glow!

Whether you are throwing a little birthday mascara or a big mascara ball, many of these tips will come in handy.

First off, a little history about the Maskuerade Ball:

Carnivals of such gatherings and festivities came from the fifteenth century with ever-increasing demand, processions and victorious processions that celebrated marriages and many other special occasions of late medieval court life.

Masquerade balls were then extended to public ceremonies in Italy during the sixteenth century, and were costumed with desirable make up and intricate dances. Mascara was usually held for upper classes and was very popular in Venice. They are related to the Venetian carnival tradition. During the eighteenth century, the use of traditional masks gradually declined until they disappeared completely.

Mascara mascara is to hide your true identity, like playing games, not only has it disguised you, created a real mystery and given more imagination, but you can discover your true identity at the end of the ball, giving guests something to look forward to and talk about. to that.

Masquerade balls, as I said before, died really around the eighteenth century, but today they have again become a popular form of entertainment, modern and exciting, which is great for a party full of mystery and fun.

One of the phrases often used on mascara invitations is: "Choose a mask and wear it well, so it's your true identity, no one can say."
This is a great phrase and very popular on the call to help your guests understand the brief meaning of wearing a mask and stir up some excitement.

Mascara party invitations are quite difficult to find, but there are many websites that allow you to download party invitations for free where you are able to adapt to your style. Alternatives to Parti Masquerade make personalized invitations to Masquerade Ball with envelopes, where you can write the names of your guests for free.

Choose a venue if you are not already, from a home party to a large ballroom or hotel reception, there should be plenty of open spaces for dancing as it is a tradition at the ball.
Whether you are dancing to jazz, classical, folk or pop, be sure to include themed decorations that match your chosen musical style.

Choosing a mask is very important for a big event, usually if you have a very detailed costume, balloon dress, etc., it helps that the mask is very simple and simple, maybe with just a few matching feathers for more elegance, but if you are usually wearing them, more complex mask is more appropriate, feathers, sequins, glossy details, etc. Whether on a stick or with elastic or headband for comfort.

The most important thing is to find a theme for your masquerade party before anything else. Popular topics are mardi gras, venetian, gothic, medieval and there are many more. Once you choose a theme, your costume and mask becomes easier.

Then you can choose a color theme, many mascara balls use dark colors or very bright and cheerful colors (like Mardi Gras)
Metal tones are also popular and easily recognizable to your guests, there is usually a wide variety of decorations available for the Mardi Gras or Metallic theme as well, including table skirts, giant props, ceiling and wall decorations, cardboard cutouts, fused figures like mimesis and jigs, etc., and some of the most beautiful masks I've seen are available in many metallic colors.

The decorations for the themes are easy to find on the web and not too expensive, you can paste the scenery all over your place and completely transform your event, and give a traditional wedding theme, ball, mardi gras theme and many more. Easily paste and add props over scene sets and add hanging decorations and maybe even giant props depending on your budget.

The food should be kept as a buffet, a finger buffet with only small food is usually best, as guests wear masks and find it difficult to eat large portions.

Some large balls, if greeted by someone on arrival, such as snake hinges, Fiji players or waiters, could also be adapted for smaller parties.
String quartets are very popular for great entertainment as jugglers and even magicians reach for guest tables. Again, smaller parties could adapt these traditions to a lesser extent.

The game of trying to determine the real identities of the guests was also very popular, adding a humorous effect to many masks and allowing a more comfortable version of a typical ball. That is why it is often a good idea to make the same effect and maybe at the end of the evening offer a reward for the best dressed or even the best dress up !!

Party Decorations – How to Avoid Common Mistakes, Part II

In "Editing a Fun: How to Avoid Common Mistakes: Part I", we discussed some choices you can consider to enhance the look of your party (such as colors, room size, ceiling height). This time, let's talk about some technical details of party decorations and what you can do about them.

1. Production time.

You should be aware when your room becomes available for your party. Many times it is only two hours in advance. Make sure you inform your decorator at the beginning of the interview. That doesn't mean you can't use wide balloon decorations! But that needs to be taken into account. There are several ways to handle this:

a) Sometimes the place where you rent a room (whether it is a hotel or a community) can provide the back room to create party decorations, and then it only takes two hours to complete the installation.

b) With the help of your decorator, you can choose decorations for fast-paced parties that still look stunning.
c) The decorator may receive extra help but may also charge you extra due to time constraints.

d) The decorator can rent a truck and bring parts and pearls that are quickly assembled on site. It could also cost more, as this is a time constraint on your location.

2. Ceiling sensors.

Some places have sensors on the ceiling, so if the balloon goes up, an alarm sounds and a fire truck appears 20 seconds later. Expensive for the owner and can be for you.

Don't panic! You can still use balloons. Almost any party decorations that can be made with helium-filled balloons (the type that flies) can be made using air-filled balloons on the frame and need not be anywhere near the ceiling.

3. Do it the day before.
If for some reason you have to do balloon decorations the day before, keep in mind that regular (11 "round) balloons filled with helium will be half an hour dead by morning and on the floor by mid-day.

If you only need simple balloon bouquets, you can ask the decorator to use a tall float. This substance prevents balloons from blowing again. If you have more elaborate party decorations, use air filled balloons instead, as I noted in the previous point.

4. Transparent balloons.
Just keep in mind that they look great at first, especially if you have bright balloons, but in a few hours they will be less transparent, somehow dimmed and will become more opaque as the party goes on.

5. Balloon of light.

This is a very effective technique for low light parties !!! For regular daylight or daylight hours, they are barely noticeable. If this is the case, much stronger lights should be used with larger balloons, pool lights, and so on.

6. Fundamentals.

The basics for the centerpieces, as well as the floral rainbows and low centerpieces, are sometimes an art creation as well as a noticeable part of the budget for decorating your parties.

One thing though: they sit on a table with food. In some cases, the caterer places so many plates on the table; the food is so colorful and plentiful that the bases are lost. In fact, the smaller the base, the easier the caterer and less on the way for guests and food.

So, when planning to spend money on balloon basics or other centerpieces – talk to your caterer first.

7. Balloon ceiling (balloons with ribbon on the ceiling)

Things to keep in mind:

a) If the ceiling is a rough surface, many will jump out during production and much more during the party.

c) One balloon occupies less than square meter. So, if you are in a large room, you will need a considerable budget to fully cover the ceiling. If you do, it will work, though I would check the alternatives for the money. If you only partially cover the ceiling, the air conditioner or fan will inflate the balloons and rub them against the ceiling. In most cases, it will kill a large part of them.

8. Balloon drops

Perfect party room decorations. That is, a room with a very high ceiling and a relatively small floor area. Then the balloons on the way down "have time" to fly in all directions and cover everyone in the room.

We will be lucky in a regular sized room if we can cover the dance floor. Plus (and this is a matter of personal opinion) a hammock full of balloons does very little for decorations as well as letting everyone know what's coming. On the other hand, if one does not look in the right direction the moment the balloons are released, they can miss the whole thing.

One solution to these problems is the so-called "explosive balloon", also known as "pop-up balloons."

Relax! No real explosives used! It’s all a big balloon (three feet or larger), filled with smaller balloons and sometimes confetti (check your contract with the venue !!! Maybe it’s a big “NO-NO”) or even a lottery win. One or more of these balloons are mounted on the ceiling and when the time comes, they all pop out with the push of a button.

You can distribute these balloons all over the room if you want to cover them all, or you can use them in a strategic location if you like. No more heavy hammocks and no one can guess what's coming!

It should be noted here that these balloons can be assembled to make a wall and then the whole wall explodes … Let's talk about it next time.

Tough party favors and party ideas

Being a staple diet of TV and movie comedies and endless in popularity among students on both sides of the Atlantic, Togo's party continues to fascinate as much as it does today when we were all younger!

Choose this theme for your next clothing party and you can translate guests into a time of general decadence and excess – especially with parties in ancient Rome and Greece. We didn’t dwell too long on what was going on at these parties so it could be said that they probably all had a great time and didn’t remember the next day or week! Now you don't need to duplicate everything they did to have a great time, so let's concentrate on what we have to do to make a great party out of Togo.

For great fun, you need to make sure you have the right theme and the right context. The hosts of really great parties carefully considered the needs of their guests. This means considering what age groups they will attend and what they like and dislike – most of the people you invite should be your friends and you should know roughly how they will respond to different scenarios.

For example, if it's adult entertainment, there's simply no Togo Parti, but if you want the real thrill, why introduce another factor and base it around the world-famous Caeser Palace Hotel in Las Vegas? This would allow you to turn your party around once again as it could also include a modern casino feel combined with that costume.

The best parties need the best invitations. Why? Well, that's where the fun starts. We were all given a party invitation on a piece of plain paper containing the simplest of details or worse that we were invited to a party with a few words. Okay, I'll let it work and people will attend, but it will never excite anyone, it will never build a sense of anticipation. To start the excitement from the earliest stage, you need to think a little more imaginatively.

If you are holding a Roman or Greek rigid party, you can use a laurel wreath based on your invitation or write the invitation text on vein sheets or on a special card (luggage labels work well) with which you can age tea and coffee stains before binds to the wreath. If desired, simply soak these cards or paper in the tea solution until the desired color is reached and while it is still moist / moist, sprinkle a few grains of coffee on which will melt into patches of darker color. Allow to dry completely before use.

Alternatively, if you can get some small little jars, you can write your invitation on the card, consider it, and give it to your guest to open a surprise. If you have decided on the theme of Caeser Palace, you can use any images or symbolism for that matter. It's attention to detail and showing the guest that you really care about all the details.

No matter what interpretation you put on your Toga themed party, your heart and soul will be a fancy dress costume. You can refer to the rule that if your guests do not wear a costume in a rigid, then they will not be allowed to enter. If you are going this route, you need to state it on the invitation and it is a little sharp on it, it would be better to have a small stock of white boards, safety pins, simple rope belts and a few laurel headheads to ensure everyone is on.

If you want to make your simple rigid, this is just a piece of cloth or cloth, and the easiest solution is to use a plain white or slightly white blanket. Don't take one with elastic angles unless you want to spend hours trying to turn them into pockets! Wrap the cloth around 1.5 times and throw the rest over your shoulder. It is common to wrap it at waist height for both genders and create excess throw over your shoulders for a modest point. Some may want to wrap themselves in chest height first!

There are some fantastic bargains at affordable prices that you can buy at your local costume shop or at one of the many trusted artificial clothing stores that can be found on the Internet. Most will have a wide selection of costumes, and should have a range of finishing prices that should include, knee-length sandals for men and women, usually brown or gold, laurel veneer caps in green or gold, Roman or Greek costume jewelry and belts.

The decoration of your party room will depend on the actual theme you choose, but for a simple party with that, you have to try to recreate the ancient Greek or Roman setting. Some rental companies will have everything you need from exterior lanterns to imitation poles and busts on plinths. If you can't find it, why not print some busts and columns and tap them against the wall. A solid wreath made of vine leaves and Roman numerals and cutouts of Greek letters from your computer will also look effective and give you good wall coverage.

Other decorative pieces for finishing would be terracotta pots and urns with plenty of grapes and vine leaves, and you could easily opt for candles instead of electric light. For inspiration on other decorative pieces for your party, you can visit the library or watch National Lampoons Animal House and pick up some alternative ideas.

Top 7 Reasons to Train a Dog

I often hear people say that they don't want to use a crate because they think it might be cruel. I have to say that there are situations where that crate can be a cruel thing for your dog. However, if done properly, it is the most wonderful thing your dog will ever get. Let me tell you a few reasons why using a crate will be good for you and your dog.

The greatest gift you can give your dog

When I have people tell me they think it may be cruel, I tell them that they are absolutely wrong because a crate can be the greatest gift you can give your dog. It provides that special place where they can go when they want to get away from everything else. You know what I mean, kids are noisy drinking and TVs are loud for your dog, a crate is a place to go to get away from it all.

Den Animals

In case you forget the dogs are animals and the crate becomes your dog's log cabin. Now this may not be the case if you choose the wrong type of crate. I'm talking about an airline plastic crate, it's the best. On the other hand, the wire cages used by some do not resemble a lake at all. In fact, sitting inside one would say that you felt like you were in prison with all the bars. A good crate is darker and more closed which is an advantage of a plastic carrier.

Like Tight Places

If you've ever noticed most dogs love to go to tight spots. You know what I mean by the couch or between that big chair and the wall. They like a place that makes them feel like they're in a crowd. So, when choosing a crate, make sure it is the right size. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn and lie down. It should not be big enough to invite friends to a party.

It becomes their special place to go

The crate becomes your dog's special place where everything is hectic and noisy. Hell, I'm actually betting you should go into that situation, too. The crate becomes that special place for your dog

Great for travel

The crate is great for traveling and keeping your dog in the car. In fact, if you connect your dog with you, you will find that many hotels will even allow your dog at the hotel as long as you use the crate.

A safe place to hold your dog when you're gone

Having a bag for your dog is a safe place to keep your young dog safe when he is gone. When your dog is in a crate, your furniture is safe from destruction and unable to swallow anything that could suffocate him. Of course, as you mature, you probably won't need to grow anymore because it has gone through that destructive phase without developing that habit.


Last but not least, a crate is the perfect way to train your dog. What makes it so effective is that your dog learns not to do his job in the bagpipe because he sleeps there and you can train your dog at any time using this method.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to use a crate, so stop thinking of it as a cruel place to hold your dog, instead think of it as the greatest gift you can give to your new best friend.

Finishing apartments and condos tubs saves money in remodeling the bathroom

Setting up an apartment and a Condos tub saves homeowners money in remodeling the bathroom. Remodeling is a top priority for property owners looking to upgrade their apartments and condos to attract high-end, quality tenants. Where do these quality tenants come from? Because of the housing market mess, many homes and apartments are now in the rental market.

Many of these homeowners and condo owners who have lost their property or cannot sell it quickly decide to rent. These renters are aggressively ceded by landlords across the country. As there are a limited number of "quality" tenants from top professionals who prefer to drown while waiting for the housing market to improve, many property owners are upgrading their properties to attract this new tenant segment.

This is why renters across the country invest money and time to renovate their properties. In fact, a survey by the National Association of Independent Renters, out of its 476 members, found that more than 52% of its members were renovating vacant properties. The areas of the home that are significant to these renters trying to attract are quality baths and kitchens. "Unfortunately, it is difficult to get apartments and home loans for home remodeling in a tight and slow housing market that is beginning to show signs of stability.

Therefore, renters use the tub renovation to save up to 80% of the cost of replacing the tub during the renovation of their bathroom and kitchen. Gloomy, dirty and & # 39; or cracked bathroom surfaces can be repaired and repainted. The beauty of the whole process is that the refinement of the tub takes place in the bathroom with a minimum rent break and ends in 4 to 6 hours. The tubs can be used 24 hours later. It costs between $ 395 and $ 595. They usually come with a standard five year warranty against peeling.

On the other hand, replacing the tub can take 7 to 10 days. Although the cost of a new tub can be around $ 300, replacing the tub costs up to $ 2000. Why the cost of replacing the tub? Remember that the tubs are framed during construction because they are cumbersome. To replace the bathtub, demolition must be used, the walls are broken, the plumbing is broken, the tiles are compromised. So, when a plumber, tile installer, and tub installer is placed, the cost of replacing the tub increases quite quickly.

What surfaces can be refinished?
Annoying, worn, shredded or cracked kitchen and bathroom surfaces can be repaired and refined. Some landlords are getting bathroom and kitchen areas again. Whether it is porcelain, Formica, Corian, fiberglass and cultured marble, most professional refining companies can save you up to 80% on replacement costs. The refinement of the tub can be used to add a new look to the bathroom or to change the surface colors completely.

If you are seriously considering upgrading your rental property to attract the quality renters or maintain the renters you have, then call your friendly tub refurbishment company today.

Masquerade Parti!

To people who like to be recognized, celebrities seem to be fond of holding masked balls and mascara.

Whether it's a dress party or the iconic elegance of such an event, the stars are masked and entertained by a mask in their breasts.

The Kandiland Masquerade Ball at Plaiboi Mansion is an annual game where guests and celebrities dress up and enjoy an extravagant and decadent night at Hugh Heffner's famous home. The 2010 party was organized by the Karma Foundation and held with the assistance of the SPCA of Nevada (the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

The dress code for the Plaiboi party is slightly different from the average Hollywood black masked ball, with ladies encouraged to match their masks with sexy lingerie. Men had to wear black masks.

The exclusive event was open to "hand-picked ladies" and 600 tickets were made available to members of the public. Luxury cuisine, a night bar and top DJs such as Paul Oakenfeld were there to provide extra entertainment for guests if glamorous Plaiboi girls and body-colored models and dancers were not enough!

Another fan of the masked ball is perennial Hollywood party, Paris Hilton. Paris has hosted many masquerade parties for her phenomenal friends. To celebrate the launch of her reality show, "Mi Nev BFF," where contestants competed to become Paris Hilton's new best friend, she held a gorgeous black tie in a mask at the Hollywood Hotel Kress. Paris looked every inch in a black and lace tutu-style dress with a matching mask. Guests of the exclusive affair were a family of Paris magnates and contestants competing for her affection.

Similarly uploaded socialist Kim Kardashian masquerades as her best friend, Jonathan Cheban's birthday party, at the Los Angeles Guys. She wore a striking gold mask adorned with long event feathers, with a revealing Greek-style gold dress. Kim posted photos of herself and her friends enjoying a party on her blog, but it's hard to see the celebrities behind the masks!

In New York, celebrity mask balls are just as popular, as MTV kept a massive New Year's Eve masked studio in its studio at Times Skuare, with fun celebrities and musical performances by some of the biggest winners of the piece.

Why garden parties and party tents rent spores at function rooms and house parties

Generally, when party planners in the UK intend to organize parties for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and proms, it is rarely their first consideration. Favorite places for entertaining in the UK include: church halls, restaurants and hotel function rooms, a social club and even a local pub, but if you rent a party tent, you can easily organize an outdoor party. One of the main reasons to rarely think about organizing an outdoor party is because the weather is so unpredictable in the UK that participants planning a party rarely want to risk having fun and laundry. Another reason for not considering outdoor events is that it is difficult to set the stage and create an atmosphere for fun, as well as provide cover from wind, sun or rain.

Outdoor entertainment is not taboo for everyone! The more affluent have always held outdoor parties, and garden parties are especially popular.

What are the benefits of having a party outside?

Garden parties, in addition to performances, can offer many benefits over indoor parties, not least that guests are able to enjoy the fresh air. Garden parties are usually more spacious and the home of the party planner is spared the mess! Kids have more room to run and the whole scene (with a bit of creativity) can be made to look pretty magical. Themed parties can be spectacularly staged outside, from medieval banquets to Hawaiian evenings. The possibilities are endless.

What about uncompromising British times?

A branding tent will ensure that UK weather does not diminish your guest's mood.

The marquee tent provides ample shelter from wind, sun and rain, as well as a spacious, spacious indoor dining area for guests, hosting a disco or ball, wedding home or corporate event. Party markets are of various shapes and sizes and can accommodate most large garden spaces, restaurants or hotels.

What Are The Benefits Of Engaging A Tent For Fun?

Grills are a firm favorite during the summer months in the UK, but they can still be washed if the weather is unexpectedly cold and humid. A party tent can ensure that your barbecue goes ahead as planned and that rain or shine comes along, your guests will enjoy a seasonal banquet, good company and shelter from the elements if needed. Outdoor heaters can keep you out of the cold, so the options are truly limitless.

Party markets can also look spectacular and mesmerizing at night. With a few well-chosen outdoor party lights, it decorates its interior and can be lit up like a Christmas tree, only much more classic.

Meanwhile, one of the major benefits of hiring a party tent is that someone else (i.e., a party tent rental company) supplies, erects, dismantles, and removes the tents. The rental company can also in many cases offer a wide range of entertainment planning services. These entertainment planning services may include:

• Interior decoration
• Providing a place to sit at a party
• Wedding planners
• Fun and entertainment
• Provide after-party cleaning service

Are party tents expensive?

Party entertainment fees are reasonably priced to hire an indoor entertaining space or workroom, and therefore deserve serious consideration given the many benefits of outdoor entertainment.

This and all of the above reasons are why outdoor entertaining tents are knocking on the seats of their competitors indoors!

5 ideas for a great prize card

If you are organizing a party or event and need to raise some money, a great way to do this is by offering raffle tickets. You will want things that people will want to buy tickets to help raise money. If you have a small budget, you can still provide desired items that people will be willing to schedule for tickets. Here are 5 great ideas for a raffle prize card.

– Ticket Cards: Everyone loves a movie and a family night out with soda, popcorn and sweets. However, budgeting can be quite expensive. This is a great raffle prize. Pack tickets, food and drinks together for a family of four and you have a great prize package.

– Ham or turkey: Hosting a party at the holidays, a large ham or turkey is the perfect prize for a draw. Roasted ham or turkey will serve many people and help with the meals of your large family. You do not have to prepare main meat there is enough reason to enter a raffle prize to see if you can win a big meat prize.

– Electronics – iPod / Nook / Kindle: The electronics are small, portable and easy to use. By adding an iPod or other MP3 or e-reader like Nook or Kindle, you will get people to buy tickets for a useful, necessary item. As a special incentive, you can add some books or music to your device before tearing it down. In any case, tickets will surely fly by with this prize offer.

– Visa / AmEk Gift Card: Who doesn't love cash? Throwing a gift card in a raffle guarantees instant interest. Tickets can be used anywhere for anything. The winner can use it for groceries or gasoline or for travel. They can also turn around and give it away as a gift. Next is the best thing to monetize.

– Weekend departure: This is a great raffle prize. If you are affiliated with a hotel or spa, see if you can get time donated. Most would love to take a weekend break to a ski resort or spa hotel or to a simple resort. Add a food pack and you'll have one amazing draw for you.

Bingo cards are one of the simplest and most popular games for events and parties, including birthdays, competitions and even wedding displays. So, the next time you make a party or event, think of these reward card ideas.

Planning a Party in Luau – Top 10 Places and Don's to Put Your Tropical Hawaiian Themed Party

Invite your guests to a luau themed party and they will automatically assume that it will be lively, memorable and fun. Don't disappoint them! Here are ten tropical celebration activities and planning that will guarantee that your event will delight your audience.

1. DO NOT create a Polynesian atmosphere with tiki torches, shells, raffia skirts around tables, flowers and palm trees (real, imitation or inflatable). You can use items you may already have, such as beach umbrellas, surfboards and a children's ice-filled swimming pool. Then browse the entertainment stores for more tropical decorative touches.

2. But don't go crazy trying to make it authentic. After all, you are not orchestrating a real luau for a large island hotel. You do not have to hire Hawaiian fire dancers or have a pig roast to make for great fun.

3. Remember to let your guests know that they need to wear luau-themed clothing. You can suggest Hawaiian T-shirts, sunglasses, shorts, straw hats and even swimwear if it's a pool party.

4. Just prepare a few extra Hawaiian T-shirts for guests who couldn't find a tropical suit. You can get them at stores like Valmart at the end of the season for just a few dollars or you can try a thrift store.

5. Greet your guests with flower favors. When you welcome your loo in this way, it sets the mood for all the fun. You don't have to spend a lot of money buying fresh wreaths imported from the island. Beautiful imitations of silk flowers are available. Even a cheap plastic variety would be acceptable for a casual event. You would also like to have some husks or kukui nuts for men who would rather not carry flowers. Of course, the guest of honor should be singled out wearing one that is different from the rest.

6. DO also provide real or artificial flowers for the guests of women to wear in their hair Here is the Hawaiian tradition. If you are in a relationship, put a flower behind your left ear, which is closest to your heart. If available, the flower should be placed behind your right ear.

7. DON spends a lot of money on Hawaiian background music CDs. First, check the public library. They have a wide range of music available to borrow for anyone with a library card.

8. DO include some tropical-themed activities. Provide hula classes and you'll have lots of laughs. You can find an instructional video or an actual teacher's insights.

Give your guests a printed tag with a name translated into Hawaiian. There are many websites with this information. Encourage everyone to refer to Polynesian names.

You can play saber leis. At the beginning of the party, announce that there is a word that is taboo. Think of a common word that people are likely to glide over and say, such as plates, ice, music, drinks, etc. Whenever someone makes a mistake when he utters that word, he has to hand his lee to the guest he was talking to. . The one with the most garlands at the end of the party wins the prize.

9. I don’t find you have to limit the menu to roast pork and poi. You can serve a pup of Polynesian-inspired dishes. As for the main course, how about chicken teriyaki, coconut shrimp, sweet and sour pork or ham and pineapple kebabs? Provide plenty of tropical fruit. And if you're in an adventurous mood, you might want to try making a volcanic eruption cake.

10. DO NOT consider sending your guests home with Hawaiian luau theme services. Cancel the party with little memories to thank each person for sharing this special occasion. It will be a nice reminder to them of all the fun.

Hawaiian luau themed entertainment is easy to put together and extremely entertaining. Just follow these tips to create a festive, tropical celebration. It only takes a little effort, but the memories will last a lifetime.